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2014年8月4日Tata Consultancy Servicesフィードバック数:0ビジネス海外

Enterprises must reimagine themselves for the Digital Consumer Economy

.... He joined the Board of Tata Sons in October 2016 and was appointed Chairman in January 2017.Read Bio Rajesh Gopinathan Non-Independent, ExecutiveRajesh Gopinathan is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS...



... Chairman and CFO, PepsiCo, Inc.Martha Lane Fox Founder and Chairperson, doteveryone.org.uk; Chairperson, MakieLab; Crossbench Peer in House of LordsDebra L. Lee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BET NetworksDavid Rosenblatt CEO, 1stdibs.com, Inc...



2014 Twitterでの1年

... Chairman and CFO, PepsiCo, Inc.Martha Lane Fox Founder and Chairperson, doteveryone.org.uk; Chairperson, MakieLab; Crossbench Peer in House of LordsDebra L. Lee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, BET NetworksDavid Rosenblatt CEO, 1stdibs.com, Inc...

2015年1月23日The Directory★フィードバック数:0マーケティング海外


The Directory Big Won Rankings 2014

... directors537 planners453 chief creative officers339 creatives297 planning directors, all marshalled by1,225 account directorsTop countries for creativityTop networksTop media agency networksTop holding companiesTop agencies for creativityTop media agenciesTop...

2014年12月3日Business Roundtableフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

The Business Roundtable fourth quarter 2014 CEO Economic Outlook Index

...What is Business RoundtableBusiness Roundtable (BRT) is an association of chief executive officers of leading U.S. companies working to promote sound public policy and a thriving U.S. economy. Business Roundtable is an association of chief...


The Best Airlines of 2015

... to our customers at every touchpoint, every day, all around the world." » Awards Press ReleaseQatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Mr Akbar Al Baker, said: "It is a very proud moment for Qatar Airways to be named the World’s Best Business Class, the Best...


...大いなる期待‐チーフデータオフィサーの進化経営幹部(C-suite)の中でチーフデータオフィサー(Chief Data Officer, CDO)という新たな役割が浸透し始めています。この新たに登場したリーダーは、情報資産に関する企業全体のガバナンスと有効利用に責任を負っており、データを活用し、リスクを管理し、収益機会を生み出すことに尽力することが求められています。本報告書では、CDOがどのような役割を果たすかについて考察しています。(2015年06月) © 2004-2017 PwC...


Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2014

.... DetailsAngus McCrone (Lead Author, Chief Editor), Eric Usher (Lead Editor), Virginia Sonntag-O'Brien, Ulf Moslener (Lead Editor), Christine Grüning...


Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet

...’s address, a certain tweet confirming speculations posted by @keithurbahn, Chief of Staff at the office of Donald Rumsfeld, started spreading like wildfire. Keith was not first to speculate that the address is related to Bin-Laden, nor did he have...



... Chief Economist, CBRE. “In this environment, we expect occupancy costs to continue rising from current levels, further limiting options for occupiers. Technology, quality and flexibility are expected to increasingly come into consideration in space use...

2013年12月13日Third Door Mediaフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Brand Bias: 70% Of Consumers Look For Known Retailers When Doing Product Searches

... for in a mobile shopping website, in his article Survey: Majority Use Smartphones In Stores, Not For E-Commerce.Summary of Findings & Complete Survey DataRelated coverage of the survey results:About The Author Matt McGee is the Editor-In-Chief of Search Engine...

2016年10月14日AMERICAN BANKERフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

FinTech Forward Rankings

... capabilities in small-business lending Numerated Growth Technologies has a platform that lets banks make lending decisions in as little as five minutes. The spinoff will be run by Dan O'Malley, Eastern's former chief digital officer. Mobile phones...


State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access

....Through the development of reports like the State of Connectivity, along with wider collaboration with industry and beyond, we hope to address the chief barriers to access, and soon, close the digital divide....


The Follow-Back: Understanding the Two-Way Causal Influence Between Twitter Activity and TV Viewership

... that a spike in TV ratings can increase the volume of tweets, and, conversely, a spike in tweets can increase tune-in,” said Paul Donato, Nielsen’s chief research officer. “This rigorous, research-based approach provides our clients and the media industry...


Apple iOS leads US OS share for the first time since Q4 2012

... the important Christmas period, driven by a strong portfolio of devices."In the US, Apple iOS overtook Android for the first time since this time in 2012, albeit by the slimmest 0.1% margin," reported Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar Worldpanel...


The Highest-Paid Dead Celebrities Of 2016

.... On a 2007 conference call, the King of Pop reminded Sony/ATV chief Marty Bandier of the acumen that had earned him a nine-figure return on paper by that point.“See,” he told Bandier. “I told you I knew the music publishing business.”Edited by Zack O’Malley...

2014年12月21日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

The Future of Privacy

... of the technological change, ever-growing monetization of digital encounters, and shifting relationship of citizens and their governments that is likely to extend through the next decade. “We are at a crossroads,” noted Vytautas Butrimas, the chief adviser to a major...

2016年12月15日The Economist Newspaperフィードバック数:0マーケティング

Connecting Capabilities

... not necessarily reflect the views of the sponsor.Our thanks are due to the following people for their time and insights (listed alphabetically by last name):Jerry Black, chief digital officer, Aeon Co, JapanChristian Busch, associate director, Innovation Co...

2014年3月24日Ethisphere Instituteフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies

... Sorenson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Marriott International, Inc.“We’re honored to be named one of Ethisphere’s 2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies, as it underscores GE’s unwavering commitment to our customers, business partners and employees...


Worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending Forecast to Double by 2019, According to IDC

...) development and deployment model. By 2018, most software vendors will have fully shifted to a SaaS/PaaS code base," said Frank Gens, Senior Vice President & Chief Analyst at IDC. "This means that many enterprise software customers, as they reach their next...

2014年8月28日Rocket Fuelフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Rocket Fuel Study: Digital Display Advertising Nine Times More Effective Than TV for Auto Insurance Brands

... Snyder as CFOREDWOOD CITY, Calif. - Oct. 25, 2016 - Rocket Fuel, Inc. (NASDAQ:FUEL), a leading Programmatic Marketing Platform provider, today announced that Stephen Snyder will join the company as its Chief Financial Officer on Nov. 10, 2016. Stephen...

2016年11月28日blancco technology groupフィードバック数:0モバイル

Apple’s Newer iPhones and iPads Fail Almost Twice as Much as Android Devices

... to crash on iOS devices (5 percent).“Our data suggests that the problems resulting from playing Pokemon GO were not only limited to iOS users,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer of Blancco Technology Group. “Battery charging ranked in the list...


Ooyala’s Global Video Index: Change in viewing habits accelerates

... audiences on all screens.As David Poltrack, chief research officer for CBS, this week told the annual UBS Global and Media Communications Conference in New York: The network is experiencing a 40% overall increase of online viewing of its programming.“Changes...


Apple market share grows across Europe, US and China

... share dropped in most European markets and in the US where the decline was the first since September 2013", said Carolina Milanesi, Chief of Research at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. "A decline in Android market share does not necessarily translate into bad...



... mobility,” said Taher Behbehani, chief digital and marketing officer, BroadSoft. “All of this points towards cloud adoption. We are finally reaching the stage where technology will help improve the way people work rather than dictate how they should do...


Data Privacy Day survey reveals your fears online-日本人はオンラインショッピングのプライバシーに不安 - 日米露ユーザ調査

...'s safety arsenal, used by just 9-15% of respondents in each country."It is interesting to note the gap between what people say concerns them online and what they do in practice to protect themselves," said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera...

2017年2月8日blancco technology groupフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク

Delayed Threat Detection & Breach Notifications Intensify Regulatory Challenges of Data Protection

... it is for organizations to manage data properly and have a sound data governance program in place,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer of Blancco Technology Group. “This will require organizations to be fully aware of and regularly assess every type of user...


11% quarterly growth in downloads for leading app stores

... central to how consumers engage with content and connected services, and how they personalize their devices around the app-enabled features that are important to them,’ said Adam Daum, Canalys Chief Analyst, Analytics. ‘This is a multi-billion-dollar...


World Competitiveness Ranking 2016

... in Europe have been made by countries in the East, chief among them Latvia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.Western European economies have also continued to improve, with researchers highlighting the ongoing post-financial-crisis recovery of the public...

2015年2月16日Robert Half Technologyフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Surge in IT Security Measures Anticipated in 2015

...Surge in IT Security Measures Anticipated in 2015Survey: Employee Training Top Priority for CIOs in Protecting Company InformationFeb 12, 2015 4:12pm,/PRNewswire/ -- Chief information officers (CIOs) are taking a multipronged approach to protecting...

2014年11月19日Zebra Technologies★フィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外



... QUOTEAnders Gustafsson, Chief Executive Officer, Zebra Technologies“Over the last two years, there has been a growing need for organizations to obtain a full picture of their business operations. I believe that with these survey results, it is clear...

2017年4月11日IHS Markitフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

2016 Marks Year of Recovery for Global Semiconductor Market

... will support further semiconductor revenue growth in 2017,” said Len Jelinek, Senior Director and Chief Analyst for Semiconductor Manufacturing at IHS Markit.Continued ConsolidationContinuing a recent trend, the semiconductor market saw another year of intense...

2008年度 調達・購買に関する実態調査

...からのコスト削減のみならず、購入品の安定供給確保についての期待が高まっており、QCD(コスト・品質・納期)全体をコントロールする中枢機能としての役割が求められています。また、最高調達責任者(CPO;Chief Procurement Officer)の設定企業は僅かであり、さらに、他部門からの異動者であり調達経験が浅い調達責任者が多く、調達部門におけるキャリアのゴールがみえない実態が明らかとなりました。詳細はプレスリリース文をご参照ください。→ ダウンロードなお、本調査の報告会も実施いたしますので、ご参加ください。→ 報告...


法人組織におけるセキュリティ対策 実態調査 2016年版

...ぞれの対策の重要度に応じて加重配点し、100点満点(技術的対策60点満点、組織的対策40点満点)換算でスコアリングした点数。一方で、法人組織がセキュリティ関連の体制整備を最優先に進めている傾向が明らかになりました。CSIRT(Computer Security Incident Response Team)やSOC(Security Operations Center)といった脅威の早期発見やインシデント対応を可能にする組織や、CIO(Chief Information Officer)、CISO(Chief Information...



...従業員規模別による傾向も踏まえて報告しています。2015年から対応が進むマイナンバー制度/ストレスチェック/女性活躍推進法など、企業が推進すべき人事戦略と取り組みには、人事最高責任者:CHRO(Chief Human Resource Officer)/CHO(Chief Human Officer)などの参画による経営視点が従来以上に求められています。しかし、その設置率は10.5%にとどまり、41.3%の企業では人事部長がその役割を担っていました。大企業ほど、人事部が人事戦略と取り組みを推進する傾向が強く、採用管理などで必ずしもIT対応...


From High Potential to High Growth: Dell 2016 Index Ranks Top 25 Global Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

... Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Dell. "Our index provides insights to move the conversation with policymakers and city leaders from awareness to action and, in turn, to empower women entrepreneurs to have the greatest economic...


The World's Highest-Paid Athletes Of 2016

... from Barcelona and chief sponsorwhen he racked up his fifth FIFA player of the year award in January. Messi’s total earnings from sponsors were $28 million. His Adidas pact is worth more than $10 million annually, and he also has endorsement...



...ともに世界のトップレースの仲間入りとなった東京マラソン2013の舞台にふさわしい最高峰のバナナです。過去最高となる10.3倍もの競争率をくぐり抜けて選ばれたランナーのみなさんを甘み・香り・食感と、すべてにおいて極上の東京マラソン公認バナナ「極撰」で強力にサポートします。東京マラソン2013で提供する「極撰」は、出場するランナーのためだけにフィリピンの極撰バナナ農園でCQO(Chief Quality Officer)の徹底的な品質管理のもと、15カ月以上かけて育てた「東京マラソン2013専用バナナ」です。2月上旬に収穫され、2月11日前...

2015年5月7日Rimini Streetフィードバック数:0企業情報システム海外

Global Survey Reveals 85 Percent of SAP Licensees Not Committed to New S/4HANA

... the world,” said David Rowe, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Rimini Street. “The results of this survey are consistent with analyst commentary and other industry surveys, and a clear theme has emerged – survey respondents cited HANA and S/4HANA...


Majority of Businesses and Economies Are Not Ready for Digital Platforms

...-economic enabling conditions.“When you think of digital platforms, think of China and India as much as the U.S. These economies are using the power of platforms to create large scale markets very rapidly,” said Paul Daugherty, chief technology officer...


Cyber Monday Goes Mobile With 55 Percent Sales Growth, Reports IBM

... in online sales across multiple channels, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), are turning to cloud-based, real-time analytics from IBM to understand and act on consumer trends in the moment. IBM is uniquely positioned to help marketing, e-commerce...



Global Semiconductor Market Set for Strongest Growth in Four Years in 2014

... in many years, not only in light of the overall growth, but also because of the broad-based nature of the market expansion,” said Dale Ford, vice president and chief analyst at IHS Technology. “While the upswing in 2013 was almost entirely driven by growth...

2014年2月17日Oak Branch Mediaフィードバック数:0デジタル家電海外

Hardcore Readers Prefer to Buy Books from Kobo and Amazon

....Michael Kozlowski is the Editor in Chief of Good e-Reader. He has been writing about electronic readers and technology for the last four years. His articles have been picked up by major and local news sources and websites such as the Huffington Post, CNET...


...デロイト トーマツ コンサルティング合同会社は、デロイトが世界48か国1,217社(うち、日本企業53社)のCIO(Chief Information Officer)から得た回答を元にまとめた「2016-2017グローバルCIOサーベイ」の結果を発表しました。デロイトのCIOサーベイは、CIOにとっての課題や関心、優先事項などの調査に留まらず、CIOが成功のために取るべき行動を分析・洞察しています。 2017年2月27日デロイト トーマツ コンサルティング合同会社は、デロイトが世界48...



...本部メディア課(news.contact@oecd.org tel. + 33 1 4524 9700)までお寄せください。各地の発表会見は、下記の担当者が行います。Paris with Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and G20 Sherpa, and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, French Education Minister; Brussels with Douglas Frantz, OECD Deputy Secretary-General...


Future Workforce Study 2016

..., will attract and retain top talent, those who don’t will create employee frustration, lower productivity and employee unhappiness," said Bob Egan, Chief Analyst, Founder, Sepharim Research Group. "The Future Workforce Study discovered that millennials...


世界ロボティクス関連市場 2017年以降の10大予測

...やすさ、費用対効果のイノベーションを促進し続ける」と述べています。2017年以降、世界のITリーダーに事業機会と課題をもたらすロボティクス関連市場のトレンドについて、チャン博士は10大予測を提示しています。2019年までに商用サービスロボットアプリケーションの30%は、Robot as a Serviceのビジネスモデルの形態で提供され、ロボット導入のコスト削減を促す。 2019年までに主要企業の30%はChief Robotics Officer(最高ロボティクス責任者)や組...


Global CPOサーベイ2014

...Global CPOサーベイ2014調達部門は今こそビジネス加速のギアにチェンジすべき 世界25ヶ国、239名に及ぶ最高調達責任者(Chief Procurement Officer)や経営者の意見を反映した2014年のCPOサーベイでは、改善が続くクローバル経済において、調達部門は事業を加速させるための貢献が求められていることが分かった。調達部門は部門内でコスト削減に取り組むだけでなく、新製品開発、技術革新、M&Aといった領域に関与することをますます強く求められている。 2014年度...


リレーショナルデータベースが新型データ性能に対応するため進化中 (原題: Relational Databases are Evolving to Support New Data Capabilities)

....The EnterpriseDB Board of Directors includes: Ed Boyajian, President and Chief Executive Officer, EnterpriseDB Greg Case, Co-founder and Partner, PeakEquity Partners Paul Winn, Co-founder and Partner, PeakEquity Partners Eric Jensen, NewSpring Capital Ric Andersen...


The World's Strongest Banks

... as they could be,” says Wilhelm Heinrichs, a fund manager at Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt.It wasn’t always that way. Annika Falkengren, chief executive of No. 12 SEB, is focusing on high-quality capital and cautious domestic lending after leading...



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