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2016年10月14日AMERICAN BANKERフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

FinTech Forward Rankings

... with their customers, so several institutions are looking to enhance that experience. In the age of big data, banks should be king. But all that data is useless without leaders who know how to effectively analyze it. Fintechs realize they can better disrupt...

2016年12月15日The Economist Newspaperフィードバック数:0マーケティング

Connecting Capabilities

... innovation and can also be used to fend off companies who seek to disrupt entire industries through new business models.As e-commerce and digital processes become more important to business, especially as new digital native competitors such as Alibaba...


UK Enterprises Unprepared For New Age of ‘Wear Your Own Device

... leave existing content where it belongs, and extend it to the outside world without having to migrate content or disrupt their business workflows. Accellion’s solutions are used by more than 15 million users and 2,500 of the world’s leading corporations...

2017年3月23日Ethisphere Instituteフィードバック数:0ビジネス

2017 World's Most Ethical Companies

... expectations, aggressive emergence of new laws and regulation and geopolitical swings that can further disrupt the balance. We have also seen how companies honored as the World’s Most Ethical respond to these challenges. They invest in their local communities...

Mobile Traffic Up 125% but Conversions Lag Behind Desktop

... close attention to common mistakes such as smartphone-only 404s and featuring app download messages that may disrupt the user experience for visitors to that page.”It’s interesting to note that media and entertainment sites converted better...

2017年1月26日IHS Markitフィードバック数:0モバイル

More than Six Billion Smartphones by 2020

... services have been a vital tool for financial inclusion in emerging markets, but elsewhere, mobile money services are looking to complement or disrupt traditional payments and financial services through the launch of app-only banking services, device-based...


Extreme cyber-attack could cost as much as Superstorm Sandy

.... A sophisticated group of “hacktivists” sets out to disrupt cloud-service providers and their customers to draw attention to the environmental impacts of business and the modern economy. The group makes a malicious modification to a “hypervisor” that controls...


Intel Predicts Autonomous Driving Will Spur New ‘Passenger Economy’ Worth $7 Trillion

... mainstreamMobility-as-a-Service will disrupt long-held patterns of car ownership, maintenance, operations and usageSANTA CLARA, Calif., June 1, 2017 – Today, Intel Corporation revealed the findings from a new study that explores the yet-to-be-realized economic...



...変化に対しどのように対応しているのかを調べることを目的として,調査会社フロスト&サリバンへ調査を依頼しました。その調査の結果、競合他社や新たなビジネスモデルの出現、デジタル化や製品のサービス化という4つの要因がビジネスに混乱を引き起こすということが分かりました。「混乱・崩壊・移り変わり (Disrupt, Collapse, Transform)」調査において、79%の日本企業がクラウドを活用することで営業経費の低減や迅速な新製品・サービスの立ち上げ、新市場への参入などにより競争優位を実感した一方で、クラ...



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