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A little update about a lot of people using Slack

...A little update about a lot of people using SlackLike all rational people, we get excited by numbers. So to celebrate two pleasantly round numbers happening at once, we made an infographic.Nothing says “celebration” like a beautifully crafted...


Find out what new and improved features you can expect with Android M in this infographic

...Android M a step up from LollipopByFind out what new and improved features you can expect with Android M in this infographic The Android community was excited when Google released the Lollipop version of its operating system in 2014, as it brought...


Internet-wide efforts to fight email phishing are working

... blocking now with DMARC, sent with a different domain, and the message is successfully delivered. It's still a win, and I'm simplifying for sure, but it's difficult for me to get excited about the long term prospects of this helping with phishing. Kamal...

2017年3月25日MANGA TOKYOフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント


... want to know the opinion of our readers. Who better to recommend anime than real anime otaku?So, MANGA.TOKYO readers: Which were the best anime of Winter 2017? Which are the Spring 2017 series you are excited for? These surveys are a chance to have your...


Extreme cyber-attack could cost as much as Superstorm Sandy

...:“Cyence is excited to be working with Lloyds on empowering the insurance industry to understand and model cyber risk. Leveraging Cyence’s unique cyber risk platform, we’re excited to see insurers providing more capacity, bringing innovative products...

2016年8月18日Research at Facebookフィードバック数:0ライフスタイル

Cat People, Dog People

...’s ennui extend to her owners? And what about Garfield’s love of napping? Examining de-identified, aggregate data from Facebook’s feelings feature (where you can annotate a status update with moods like “feeling excited” or “feeling blue”), we find that cat...

2016年6月8日CREATIVE STRATEGIESフィードバック数:0モバイル海外

Voice Assistant Anyone? Yes please, but not in public!

..., Microsoft, and Google. Consumers however, might not be as excited. We set out to understand more about how consumers are using these agents as well as how they feel about them. We ran two distinct studies — one focused on Alexa that covered 1300 early...


Tablets are changing the way consumers engage with content

... network alone, traffic from tablets has grown 300% in the past six months. Considering the numerous planned launches of new tablets in 2011, we’re excited to watch the traffic from tablets grow as consumers continue to adopt this new category of devices...


Tablet Competition Heats Up: Kindle Fire Captures more than Half of Android Tablet Market

... traffic patterns (i.e. page views) from computers, smartphones, tablets, music, players, e-readers and gaming devices.“comScore is excited to introduce our next generation Device Essentials product, which provides new insight into digital device usage...


Google's Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe

... alternates between serious intensity and broad grins, which he flashes with regularity, especially when he gets animated about some technology that “excites” him. (In an hourlong conversation he volunteers that he is “super-excited” about this and “really...



... and where we were before. Looking at the numbers we had a goal set for 6 months and surpassed that in 1 month. It's incredible you get what I'm trying to accomplish with my website and business. I'm excited about what the future has for us. I really...


Intel Predicts Autonomous Driving Will Spur New ‘Passenger Economy’ Worth $7 Trillion

... advancement and the emergence of new growth opportunities like the Passenger Economy demand ongoing dialogue. I am excited to partner with Intel, take this discussion on the road and look at solutions through the lens of the diverse industries that will shape...

2013 Fortune 500 Are Bullish on Social Media: Big Companies Get Excited About Google+, Instagram, Foursquare and Pinterest

...2013 Fortune 500 Are Bullish on Social Media:Big Companies Get Excited About Google+, Instagram,Foursquare and PinterestConducted By:Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D., Ava M. Lescault, MBA and Stephanie WrightCharlton College of Business Center for Marketing...


Shopping, Productivity and Messaging Give Mobile Another Stunning Growth Year

... it takes to build a scalable and successful business.By: Shirin Sabahi, Developer Relations Manager The team at Flurry has been heads down building out our series of Flurry Source workshops and PizzaBeerMobile meetups, and we’re excited to announce what we...


Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

...’t be that excited about plunking down another $100 cash and waiting weeks or more to get it back. And sometimes all you’re getting back is a “$100 Promotion Card” for your chosen provider. Needless to say, the iPhone has never had a rebate.Along similar lines...



The Internet of Things Business Index: A quiet revolution gathers pace(モノのインターネットのビジネス指数:静かな革命が加速)

... of consumerelectronics. Looking back, he says: “I wasincredibly excited and optimistic about theInternet of Things, but compared to my optimism,progress seemed incredibly slow. It was quitefrustrating. We were dealing with a lot of seniorexecutives who had grown up long...



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