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Akamai’s State of the Internet: Q4 2015 Report

...Akamai's State of the Internet ReportDownload the Q4 2015 State of the Internet ReportGet insight into the latest Internet trends to accelerate innovation and move your business faster forward. Drawing on information from the Akamai Intelligent...



Cisco VNI Service Adoption Forecast, 2013-2018

... Rate (CAGR) of 24 percent from 2016 to 2021.Busy-hour Internet traffic is growing more rapidly than average Internet traffic. Busy-hour (or the busiest 60 minute period in a day) Internet traffic increased 51 percent in 2016, compared with 32-percent...


2014年 記事ランキング(セキュリティ編)

...関連キーワードNSA(米国家安全保障局) | Mac | Internet Explorer(IE) | ソーシャル | 脆弱性...

2012年4月16日Pew Researchフィードバック数:432マーケティング海外

Digital differences

...Digital differencesDigital differencesWhen the Pew Internet Project first began writing about the role of the internet in American life in 2000, there were stark differences between those who were using the internet and those who were not.20 Today...

2014年3月3日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

The Web at 25 in the U.S.

...The Web at 25 in the U.S.The overall verdict: The internet has been a plus for society and an especially good thing for individual users Summary of FindingsThe World Wide Web turns 25 on March 12, 2014. It is one of the most important and heavily...


Clicking Clean Who is winning the race to build a green internet?

...The internet will likely be the largest single thing we build as a species. Tasked with creating and then catering to the world’s insatiable appetite for messages, photos, and streaming video, along with critical systems supporting our financial...



...関連キーワードExcel | BI(ビジネスインテリジェンス) | ビッグデータ | データ分析 | Hadoop | IoT(Internet of Things) | 機械学習...

2013年10月21日Freedom Houseフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Freedom on the Net 2013

...Freedom on the Net 2013Despite Pushback, Internet Freedom DeterioratesFreedom on the Net 2013 is the fourth report in a series of comprehensive studies of internet freedom around the globe and covers developments in 60 countries that occurred...


First Quarter, 2016 State Of The Internet Report

... and Broadband Adoption Trending Upward According to Akamai ‘First Quarter, 2016 State of the Internet Report’ Global average Internet connection speed increases 23% year over year Cambridge, MA |June 29, 2016 Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM...

2010年12月28日Pew Researchフィードバック数:198マーケティング海外

Generations 2010-オンライン行動の世代間比較レポート

... activities.Milliennials, those ages 18-33, remain more likely to access the internet wirelessly with a laptop or mobile phone. In addition, they still clearly surpass their elders online when it comes to:However, internet users in Gen X (those ages 34-45...


Young people fear internet of things will give away their secrets

...Young people are seriously worried about the internet of things when it comes to privacy – concerned that ‘connected’ gadgets such as Smart TVs could give away more data than they are comfortable with. According to research published by youth...

2017年4月13日BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICSフィードバック数:0マーケティング

Newspaper publishers lose over half their employment from January 2001 to September 2016

..., and books, as well as electronically over the Internet. From January 2001 to September 2016, the newspaper publishers industry lost over half of its employment, from 412,000 to 174,000. In contrast, employment in the Internet publishing and web search...


Cisco Visual Networking Index(VNI)Forecast and Methodology, 2008-2013 世界のIPトラフィック,ビデオ・コンテンツの普及で2013年には約5倍に

... by 2022, up from 16 GB per capita in 2017.Busy hour Internet traffic is growing more rapidly than average Internet traffic. Busy hour (or the busiest 60 minute period in a day) Internet traffic will increase by a factor of 4.8 between 2017 and 2022...


New Estimates for Digital Video Viewing in the APAC Region

... estimates, far lower than in Australia, Japan and South Korea. However, when it comes to internet users in China, almost three-quarters (73.4%) will watch digital videos this year. Across the region, digital video use is most common in Australia, where more...



ISAPS Statistics for 2013

...By checking the box on the contact form, you agree to the Terms of Use listed here: Communications through our website or via email are not encrypted and are not necessarily secure. Use of the internet or email is for your convenience only...


Android overtakes Windows for first time

...Monday 3rd April 2017Android overtakes Windows for first time“Milestone in technology history and end of an era” as Microsoft no longer owns dominant OSAndroid now world’s most popular operating system in terms of internet usageSan Francisco, CA...

2013年8月15日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0マーケティング

72% of Online Adults are Social Networking Site Users

..., social networking site use is a major activity for internet users from a wide range of demographic groups. Younger adults are especially avid adopters, but social networking continues to grow in popularity for older adults as well. Six out of ten internet...


Mobile-broadband penetration approaching 32 per cent Three billion Internet users by end of this year

...-->ITU releases 2014 ICT figures Mobile-broadband penetration approaching 32 per centThree billion Internet users by end of this year Geneva, 5 May 2014–New figures released by ITU today indicate that, by end 2014, there will be almost 3 billion...


ITU releases annual global ICT data & ICT Development Index country rankings

... and analysis on the state of global ICTdevelopment, and is extensively relied upon by governments, financialinstitutions and private sector analysts worldwide.Latest data show that Internet use continues to grow steadily, at 6.6%globally in 2014 (3.3...

2017年12月25日Freedom Houseフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Freedom on the Net 2017: Manipulating Social Media to Undermine Democracy

...New Report - Freedom on the Net 2017: Manipulating Social Media to Undermine DemocracyGovernments around the world are dramatically increasing their efforts to manipulate information on social media, threatening the notion of the internet...


Social Media Report: Spending Time, Money and Going Mobile

... percent more likely than the average adult Internet userAcross a sample of 10 global markets, social networks and blogs are the top online destination in each country, accounting for the majority of time spent online and reaching at least 60 percent...


Internet advertising expenditure to exceed US$200bn this year

...Global internet advertising expenditure will grow 13% to reach US$205bn in 2017, according to Zenith’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, published today. Internet advertising will attract 36.9% of all advertising expenditure, up from 34.0...


State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access

...State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access, the second annual study by Facebook, takes a close look at the current state of global internet connectivity, how it has changed since 2014 and how we can use the data identified...

2013年10月21日Pew Research★フィードバック数:0デジタル家電海外


Tablet and E-reader Ownership Update

... a tablet or an e-book reader among those 16 and older now stands at 43%.These latest figures come from a survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project which was conducted from July 18 to September 20, 1013 among 6,224 Americans ages 16 and older...



...【ログインできない場合と推奨ブラウザについて】大変恐れ入りますが、Internet Explorerはサポート外となっております。ログイン後に画面が表示されない場合はGoogle Chromeをご利用ください。パスワードをお忘れの方はこちら...

2016年9月19日Digital Information Worldフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

60 Seconds on Google, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and Facebook (infographic)

... as global users every single minute, and how much the population of the internet has grown over the last four years. From how many gifs Giphy serves, to the amount of hours Netflix subscribers stream, even how much sales revenue Amazon generates, the data...

2017年2月17日We Are Social★フィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Digital in 2017 Global Overview

..., but in that time, the internet has already become an integral part of everyday life for most of the world’s population.It’s not just the internet that’s growing rapidly, either; we’ve identified a wealth of other important milestones as part of this year’s Global...


15m digital detoxers are ditching their device

...We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. For information on these cookies and how to remove them, read our cookies policy. Majority of internet users say they’re ‘hooked’, spending a day a week onlineStudy shows effects of internet...

2013年10月22日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資海外

Online Dating & Relationships

... of a national survey of dating and relationships in the digital era, the first dedicated study of this subject by the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project since 2005.11% of American adults—and 38% of those who are currently “single and looking” for a partner...




...このコンテンツは、ツイッターに流れるオノマトペを集めて、日々の思いを視覚的に楽しめるようにしたコンテンツです。 [推奨環境について]本サイトでは、より安全で快適にご利用いただくために下記のブラウザを推奨いたします。 Windows Internet Explorer8 以上 / Firefox、Google Chrome 最新バージョン Macintosh Safari、Firefox、Google Chrome 最新バージョン[プラグインについて]本サイトは、一部にFlashコン...


eMarketer Releases New Estimates for Time Spent with Media in India, Japan and South Korea

... broadband network. Comparatively, India’s internet infrastructure is still lacking. Adults’ average time spent per day with digital media will grow 14.4% this year, with much of that spurred by rural populations gaining internet access for the first time...


The Mobile Economy Arab States 2015

... of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem, including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet companies, as well as organisations...

2015年1月28日Arbor Networksフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

... internet of things (IoT) devices that are connected to the internet every day continues to increase dramatically.As the number of IoT devices increases, so do the security vulnerabilities. Attackers have invented new ways to detect, infect and compromise...


Global Internet Phenomena

... Internet Phenomena: World Cup 2018 impact on European mobile networksI am a big fan of the beautiful game, and it is always interesting to see how an event like the World Cup impacts networks. The FIFA World Cup 2018 isviewers – half the world population...

2016年3月8日European Patent Officeフィードバック数:0ビジネス海外

Annual report 2015

... Dankeschön verlosen wir unter den Umfrageteilnehmern zehn EPA-Sportbeutel.Prenez quelques minutes de votre temps pour répondre à cette enquête sur notre site Internet et gagnez l'un des dix sacs de sport offerts par l'OEB....



... time to market. Maker Movement Fuels the Internet of ThingsThe Right Tools for the Right JobOracle, the steward of the Java programming language, naturally supports the Maker Movement, where inventors, tinkerers, and entrepreneurs test and realize...

2017年3月14日European Patent Officeフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

Annual results 2016

... Dankeschön verlosen wir unter den Umfrageteilnehmern zehn EPA-Sportbeutel.Prenez quelques minutes de votre temps pour répondre à cette enquête sur notre site Internet et gagnez l'un des dix sacs de sport offerts par l'OEB.Annual results and statisticsAnnual...

2013年2月10日NPD Groupフィードバック数:60マーケティング海外

37 Percent of PC Users Migrate Activities to Mobile Devices

... they are using their PC less frequently for accessing the Internet and 20 percent say they are using their PC less frequently for accessing Facebook. Twenty-seven percent of smartphone owners have decreased both their Internet and Facebook usage on their PCs...

2015年8月24日IC Insightsフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

Microcontroller Unit Shipments Surge but Falling Prices Sap Sales Growth

...Microcontroller Unit Shipments Surge but Falling Prices Sap Sales GrowthExplosion of smartcards, embedded sensors, and new Internet of Things applications are driving up unit volumes of low-cost 32-bit MCU solutions, says Mid-Year Update...

2015年2月27日European Patent Officeフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

Annual Report 2014

... Dankeschön verlosen wir unter den Umfrageteilnehmern zehn EPA-Sportbeutel.Prenez quelques minutes de votre temps pour répondre à cette enquête sur notre site Internet et gagnez l'un des dix sacs de sport offerts par l'OEB....



成長が続く広告ネットワーク、首位は AOL の『Platform A』

... world today reported the top 25 ad networks based on their reach among U.S. Internet users in April 2009. The ranking showed that AOL’s Platform-A remains the top ad network, reaching nearly 176.5 million U.S. Internet users, or 91.5 percent of the total...


eMarketer Estimates Show Twitter Leads Social Networks in Japan

... a slightly older population—will record the lowest social network penetration in Asia-Pacific this year. Just over half (51.0%) of internet users in Japan will use social networks regularly, compared with 71.5% for the region overall.“Japan continues...

2015年1月28日We Are Social★★★フィードバック数:0マーケティング海外


Digital, Social & Mobile in 2015

... mobile devices.Based on the trends within this data, we expect that mobile will help to push internet penetration beyond 50% of the world's population during mid to late 2016.Before that, though, weexpect to see social media penetration reach one-third...


Windows XPやIEにフォーカスしています。


...の20歳以上の男女300名調査期間:2014年5月2日〜2014年5月2日 結果概要2014年5月2日時点でのWindows XP利用について質問したところ、「利用している」と回答したのは20.7%となり、約2割の方がサポートが切れた現在もWindows XPを利用していることが分かった。利用者の理由としては「買い替えの費用がかかるから」46.8%と最も多い結果となった。 ・インターネット・エクスプローラー(Internet Explorer)の脆弱性のニュース以降、他ブラウザのインストール率は約4...



ITU releases latest global technology development figures

...Geneva, 11 October 2012 — New figures released today by ITU show that information and communication technology (ICT) uptake continues to grow worldwide, spurred by a steady fall in the price of telephone and broadband Internet services.The new data...


With just days to go, just how many PCs are still running Windows XP?

..., is the widespread usage of pirated versions of the operating system dubbed “GhostXP” locally.The stat appears to be backed up by Microsoft’s figures for usage of the no-longer-trusted Internet Explorer 6, the default browser in Windows XP.And, surprise surprise...


Different nations’ online banking habits: better safe than sorry?

...Would you bank online without the protection of security software? If your answer is no, then you are in agreement with more than 77% of British internet users who make sure they have a security solution in place when using online financial services...


Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013

.... This year, more than half of US adult internet users, or 102.5 million people, will redeem a digital coupon via any device for either online or offline shopping. New data indicates that there was a significant increase in the number of digital coupon users...



...最適なページ表示のため、より安全で早い、最新ブラウザをインストールしてください。最新の Internet Explorer にアップグレードする (無料) 2016年12月 漫画全巻セット(新品)ランキング TOP1002016年12月 漫画全巻セット(新品)ランキング TOP100 ※表示されている商品名、セットの巻数、表紙画像などはランキング集計当時のものではなく、現在のものに更新されています。...




... East, Africa and North America. The sample has quotas based on age and sex for each country based on their Internet users, and is weighted to be representative of Internet consumers and has a maximum margin of error of ±0.6%. This Nielsen survey...



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