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WSTS Semiconductor Market Forecast Spring 2015

... of the semiconductor industry.The diagram shows the worldwide semiconductor billings (US$) per 12 months rolling average and the WSTS semiconductor forecast from the forecast meeting held in Taipei, Taiwan, November 2017. Next Committee Meeting in May 2018The next...



Criteo eCommerce Industry Outlook 2015

... and consolidation in ad tech Download PDF What's Better Than Digital? Meeting in person, of course. Check out our list of events to find out when we'll be in your area.See Events...


Travel Flash Report: Online travel’s never looked so mobile.

... in the value chain Download PDF What's Better than Digital?Meeting in person, of course. Check out our list of events to find out when will be in your area.See Events...

2016年10月14日AMERICAN BANKERフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

FinTech Forward Rankings

... to consumers’ lives as Amazon, develop new personal financial management services, and expand into new cities. Why are Amazon, PayPal meeting with bank regulators? Meetings between bank regulators and technology giants like Amazon and PayPal underscore...


Fintech New York: Partnerships, Platforms and Open Innovation

.... The speed and facility with which we were able to get meeting with C-level executives was astounding. Fintech gave us great creditability and legitimacy as the banks knew we were chosen out of a much larger pool of startups by their peers. We were given...


Ooyala’s Global Video Index: Change in viewing habits accelerates

...We like movies at Ooyala. In fact, all of our meeting rooms carry names associated with an array of well-know (and some not-so-well-known) titles. With that in mind, a little pearl of wisdom from one of my favorite movie characters, Gordon Gekko...



... apart from the priciest buildings. In 2015, around 10,000 tsubo of relatively new, quality space is expected to become available when a major corporation completes its own building.This is likely to put life back into the market by meeting buoyant demand...

2015年11月27日Hostelling Internationalフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

HI5ive to the world’s best hostels, 2015

... at the annual meeting of CEOs of HI Member Associations in Vienna, Austria, with prizes awarded in five different categories based on ratings left by you, our customers, on hihostels.com.Huge thanks to everyone who gave feedback on their stay at a HI hostel...


...World Happiness Report 2017The first World Happiness Report was published in April, 2012, in support of the UN High Level Meeting on happiness and well-being. Since then the world has come a long way. Increasingly, happiness is considered...

2014年3月7日Macroeconomic Advisersフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資海外

rankings: Who moved markets most?

... of television and radio broadcast interviews. For simplicity, however, unless otherwise noted, we refer to all individual communications by members as speeches-except the Chairman’s semiannual monetary policy testimonies before Congress and his post-meeting...


Gartner Survey Shows Many Users are Underwhelmed by Their Experiences of SaaS

... their decision to deploy SaaS, meeting technical requirements was the top overall consideration at 46 percent, followed by security, privacy and/or confidentiality at 33 percent and ease of integration and functionality needed for business unit owners, both at 29...



World Happiness Report 2015 Ranks Happiest Countries

... World Happiness Report, released in 2012 ahead of the UN high-level meeting on Happiness and Well-being, drew international attention as a landmark first survey of the state of global happiness. This latest report digs even deeper into the data looking...


IBM Study Finds More Than Half of Midmarket Companies Lack an Integrated Digital Strategy

... Partner, Micro Strategies, to deploy IBM cloud technology to address this business challenge. Together with IBM Global Financing and Micro Strategies, Music Mastermind built a robust cloud infrastructure capable of meeting their evolving service needs...

2012年2月8日Pew Researchフィードバック数:326マーケティング海外

Why most Facebook users get more than they give

... are more likely to report that they attended a political meeting or rally. The Facebook activities associated with attending a meeting/rally included: having more Facebook friends, having more friends-of-friends, being added to a Facebook group or adding...

2014年3月24日Ethisphere Instituteフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies

... to influence and assist other organizations in meeting this shared challenge.”This year’s 144 honorees represent 41 industries and include 21 first-time honorees.In this eighth year of recognizing companies, Ethisphere is honoring the largest group...




...-components-weblogfiles/00-00-00-85-07/4075.140127_5F00_World-Economic-Forum-Annual-Meeting-_2D00_-Global-Opinion-Survey_5F00_Japan.pdf:550:0]> Skip to main content...


World’s population increasingly urban with more than half living in urban areas

.... As a result, these countries will face numerous challenges in meeting the needs of their growing urban populations, including for housing, infrastructure, transportation, energy and employment, as well as for basic services such as education and health care...


IBM & Ponemon Institute Study: Data Breach Costs Rising, Now $4 million per Incident

... with IT or outside security experts to quickly identify the source of the breach and stop any more data leakage Disclose the breach to the appropriate government/regulatory officials, meeting specific deadlines to avoid potential fines Communicate the breach...


Risk of security breaches as 69 percent of large US organizations opt for mass market ‘consumer’ cloud services

..., CEO, Global Services and the rest of his leadership team.A sustainable and responsible business leader.As one of 120 strategic partners, BT actively participates in the Forum’s Annual Meeting, regional summits and strategic events. Risk of security...



スマートメータデータ分析情報の活用 ―分析技術の動向調査と需要分析の予備的検証―

... of energy' to increase the efficiencies of energy-saving and demand-response programs, and 'support for tariff selection' to allow comparison of electricity bills. Data analysis technologies meeting those objectives include 'simplified disaggregation...



The Global Innovation Index

... of excellence around the world faster than ever before." His optimism contrasts with the trouble-ahead warnings that business and government leaders will hear this week at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Japan and Europe...


Future Workforce Study 2016

... within the next five years.This expectation is highest amongst the younger workforce, with 69 percent expecting to be in a smart office within the next five years. The consequences for not meeting these expectations is also greater for the millennial...

ASEAN経済共同体に向けての作業進展状況 -第46回ASEAN経済大臣会議文書から-

... Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)、アジア開発銀行、世界銀行、IMF、東アジアASEAN経済研究センター(ERIA)があげられ感謝の意が表明されているが、日本への言及はない。1. The 46th ASEAN ECONOMIC MINISTERS’ (AEM) MEETING JOINT MDEIA STATEMENTKEY OUTCOMES OF THE 12TH AEC COUNCIL MEETING, 46TH ASEAN...

2013年10月22日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資海外

Online Dating & Relationships

... initiated well before meeting online was an option. Looking only at those committed relationships that started within the last ten years, 11% say that their spouse or partner is someone they met online. Younger adults are also more likely than older ones...


Music subscription revenues help drive growth in most major markets

....Source: IFPIConsumers engage with licensed servicesRecord companies are licensing a diverse range of services, successfully meeting different consumer preferences. This is illustrated in research undertaken by Ipsos MediaCT covering ten markets in four...

2017年3月25日MANGA TOKYOフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント


... after being a guy who’s socially awkward and how he gained confidence through meeting his friends.Breathtaking animation, very nice music. The complicated romance is pretty mind boggling and the suspense is good.Gabriel DropoutI love Gabriel so much. She...

Foundation 500

.... Without proper skills training you can’t sell medicine the way we do. Since we started, people have learned that they can now get hold of the medicine they need, when they need it. It’s supply meeting demand, at all times. ANITA DHAWALFounder, Dhawal...


15m digital detoxers are ditching their device

... tired the next day; while 31% had missed out on spending time with friends and family.‘Tech tardiness’ was another reported side effect. One in five users (22%) admitted being late for a meeting with friends or family, and 13% late for work, as a result...

2016年1月27日Times Higher Education★フィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル海外

The world’s best small universities 2016

... special, if you ask me, is the ease at which you feel at home.“Perhaps this has to do with the size of the university? Perhaps not. But knowing that each and every day you’ll be meeting friendly and familiar faces, students and teachers alike, well...



What makes for a stable marriage?

... and if the couple had sex b4 marriage. I’d assume the sooner you had sex after meeting the person, the higher the divorce percentage. I bet couples who waited til after marriage divorced much less than a couple who had sex within the first month of meeting They don...


...ンジ、ウルトライエロー、ローズ(各30枚、5色×6パッド)サイズ :75mm×75mm小売価格:オープン[ポスト・イット(R) 強粘着ノート アイディアパック] https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/116268/img_116268_5.jpg[ポスト・イット(R)] https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/116268/img_116268_6.jpgポスト・イット、Post-it、ミーティングソリューション、Meeting...


訪日外国人数3000万人を目指して ~目標達成なら、2兆円の経常黒字拡大要因に~

...ける日本のシェア:1991 年 51%→2001 年 36%→2012 年 27%5)。MICE誘致の推進を通じて、開催件数をさらに増加させていくことが求められよう。1観光庁「訪日外国人消費動向調査(2012 年)」によれば、訪日外国人のうち6割強が訪日回数2回以上のリピーターである。2日本アセアンセンター「ASEANムスリム観光客受け入れのために」による。3企業などの会議(Meeting)、報奨・研修旅行(Incentive Travel)、国際機関等の行う国際会議(Convention)、展示会・イベ...

ビジネスパーソンのライフスタイルに関する1,000 名調査

...の大都市および中核都市の約 2,000 人に個別インタビューを実施しました。この調査によって抽出されたホテルに対するより深いニーズは、日本市場に合わせて、ANA クラウンプラザホテルのサービスに反映されています。ホテルでの滞在だけでなく、これから日本市場で成長が見込まれる MICE(Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Expo)市場、ウェディングや宴会等を含むイベント全般において展開してまいります。 URL: www.anacrowneplaza.com本件に関するお問い合わせ先:IHG...


...から日本市場で成長が見込まれる MICE(Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Expo)市場、ウェディングや宴会等を含むイベント全般において展開してまいります。このたび、ANA クラウンプラザホテルでは、日本向けに特別に開発された、アジア太平洋地域の IHG グループで初めての快眠プログラム、「Sleep Advantage(スリープ・アドバンテージ)」を導入しました。この快眠プログラムは、お客様の快適な睡眠をサポートするため、日本で綿密な顧客調査を実施し、専門...

睡眠についてのビジネスパーソン約1,000 名アンケート調査

...個別インタビューを実施しました。この調査によって抽出されたホテルに対するより深いニーズは、日本市場に合わせて、ANA クラウンプラザホテルのサービスに反映されています。ホテルでの滞在だけでなく、これから日本市場で成長が見込まれる MICE(Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Expo)市場、ウェディングや宴会等を含むイベント全般において展開してまいります。 URL : www.japan.crowneplaza.comIHG・ANA・ホテルズグループジャパンについてIHG・ANA・ホテ...


デジタル・イネーブルメント(Digital Enablement)

..., and high speed. A lack of locally relevant applications and services Locally relevant content in local languages is part of the solution to providing a capable service meeting consumers’ diverse needs. Women and girls are a large and often disadvantaged...




...ーバード大学医学部専任講師。2000年埼玉県立がんセンター医長。2004年板橋中央総合病院部長。医療ジャーナリスト、現役医師としてさまざまな病気の解説や、医療に関する種々の問題に取り組む。最新刊は「ダイエットはオーダーメイドしなさい!」(幻冬舎)。<主な受賞歴>・1999年 President’s Presenter’s Award of 46th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for GynecologicInvestigation会長賞・2000年 日本...


...ディアパック 1 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/90481/img_90481_6.jpg▼ポスト・イット(R)強粘着ノート アイディアパック 2 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/90481/img_90481_7.jpgポスト・イット、Post-it、ミーティングソリューション、Meeting Solutionsは、3M社の商標です<製品に関するお客様お問い合わせ先>スリーエム ジャパン株式会社 文具・オフィス事業部TEL...



...、Post-it、ポスト・イット、ミーティングソリューション、Meeting Solutionsは、3M社の商標です。...


Google's Larry Page: The most ambitious CEO in the universe

... the subtleties of Project Loon’s tech specs with any of his engineers. During a meeting with Teller last year, he began discussing how Google could exploit different wind speeds at different elevations to concentrate bandwidth over densely populated areas...



... タ 交 換 標 準16(3 ) C D M 登 録 簿17(4 ) 取 引 ロ グ18(5 ) 登 録 簿 シ ス テ ム 管 理 者 会 合 ( Registry System Administrators Forum)18(6 ) 開 発 者 会 議 ( Developer’s meeting)202.4 平成 24 年度以 降の予 定203 平成23年度の国際調査・交渉活動状況223.1 国際 調査 ・交渉 の方法 およ び実績223.2 国際 調査 ・交渉 実績詳 細23(1 ) フ ラ...


100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for 2017

... of the city while enjoying fine Italian dishes from all regions.Celebrate your next event at Primavista in one of our two dining rooms. Primavista will create the perfect atmosphere for your next business meeting, celebration, or family gathering. Hosting...



... ...........................................................................................................2-4Table 2.3-1GCMT Study, Meeting List...............................................................................................................2-6Table 3.1-1Main Characteristic of Rail Systems...


...ブルトップタイプ https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/97574/img_97574_8.jpg▼使用イメージ画像 1 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/97574/img_97574_9.png▼使用イメージ画像 2 https://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/97574/img_97574_10.jpg3M、ポスト・イット、Post-it、ミーティングソリューション、Meeting Solutionsは、3M社の...


2016年 日本の広告費

...アを中心に観光やMICE(Meeting、 Incentive tour、Convention/Conference、Exhibition)産業が盛り上がっている。地震の影響があった熊本でも、店舗ディスプレイが伸長した。 ・業種別では、「官公庁・団体」において公共事業が増加傾向。地方のお城など、地域資産と連動したキャラクターイベント、マラソン大会やアートイベントなど、継続的な実施で横ばいを維持。 ・年間を通して映画の期待作品が多く、観客動員数も42年ぶりに1億8,000万人を突破、年間...


国債QEがやってくる ~来年早々までお預け~

...声明文の変更が全会一致でなかったことを受け、反対派の説得が難航しそうとの受け止めもあったのだろう。緩和見送りを受けて、為替市場ではユーロ高が進行し、その後はやや売り戻されている。質疑応答の中でドラギ総裁が「来年の早い段階は必ずしも1月の理事会を意味する訳ではない(Early means early. It doesn’t mean at the next meeting.)」と発言したことも、近い将来の緩和決定観測に水を差した。本資料は情報提供を目的として作成されたものであり、投資勧誘を目的としたものではありません。作成時点で、第一...




...月31日 (11年間) (表1) 国内研究機関の総合トップ20機関* マークは、組織名を名寄せした集計値です。Web of Science® Core Collectionに収録されているデータのうち、article, review, proceeding paper (ジャーナル収録分)のみ対象とし、分母として算出しています。meeting abstractなどは入れていないため、本プレスリリース高被引用論文の割合をもとに各研究機関の総論文数を計算することはできません。ESIでは、共著...


100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America for 2017

... meeting, or a special occasion with friends and family, Harry's will provide you with an unforgettable experience.More The Hobbit offers a 7 course prix-fixe menu Wed-Sun with one seating per evening. Cost per person is $86 (plus tax, tip & beverage). Our...


平成25年度省エネルギー等普及基盤構築支援調査事業 家庭用エアコン及び冷蔵庫の国際標準化に関する支援調査事業成果報告書

...も AMEN(ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting:アセアンエネルギー大臣会合)傘下の会合である EE&C-SSN「Energy Efficiency & ConservationSub-Sector Network:省エネ性能の関する規制及び標準を担当)が参加するため、省エネ規制当局との関係構築が可能である。エアコンは ISO であるが平成 24 年度から出席して、新国際規格ISO16358 の説明をして一応の理解促進を図れたが、本年度はより深く紹介する。APEC/EGEE...



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