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IAB Distills What Works And Why In Digital Advertising Around The World In First ‘IAB Global Insights Report’

... a curated selection of digital campaigns that have won IAB MIXX Awards and other honors in 14 countries all over the world, including Australia, Belgium, Chile, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, and the U.K...

2015年7月29日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Global Publics: Economic Conditions Are Bad

... and older. This generation gap is particularly strong in Peru: 61% of younger Peruvians say the economy is doing well, but only 45% of older ones agree. This age-related difference, with the young notably positive and the old more negative, also exists...


Identity 2016: 'Global citizenship' rising, poll suggests

...%), China (71%), Peru (70%) and India (67%) the data is particularly marked.By contrast, the trend in the industrialised nations seems to be heading in the opposite direction.In these richer nations, the concept of global citizenship appears to have taken...

2014年10月16日Pew Research★フィードバック数:0社会/政治海外


Emerging and Developing Economies Much More Optimistic than Rich Countries about the Future

... and higher income people on this question is particularly large in Peru (-23 percentage points), Greece (-20) and France (-17). And the education differences are especially wide in Peru (-20), Pakistan (-18) and Nigeria (-16).Advanced economies include France...



Negative Views of Russia on the Rise: Global Survey

....Of the 23 countries surveyed in 2014, only six lean positive, 15 lean negative, and two are divided (Peru and Turkey).The worsening opinion of Russia is a general trend observed in many different countries across all continents. Perceptions have become more...


Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017

...) will be seen in the 2016 and 2017 arrivals.In Latin America, one of the top performers was Lima, with growth of 9% in 2015. The city is benefitting from the improvement of the Peruvian economy and the increasing international recognition of Peru as a travel...

2017年7月26日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Globally, More Name U.S. Than China as World’s Leading Economic Power

... of China, down 31 percentage points since spring 2015. This may be due, at least in part, to recent frictions between the two countries over mining practices in Ghana.In Latin America, positive sentiment toward China is highest in Peru. Roughly half...


Music subscription revenues help drive growth in most major markets

... physical retail infrastructure. Markets posting significant increases in digital revenue included Argentina (+69%), Peru (+149%), South Africa (+107%) and Venezuela (+85%).The report also highlights innovative approaches to tap the huge growth potential...

Foundation 500

... making honey, they are critical to sustaining life on Earth. Canela Morvelli and her partners in the co-operative are doing their bit. RENE MORA ROQUEChairperson, Las Orquídeas de LucmabambaPeru On the back of Peru's outright ban on all genetically...


...)Milpo亜Zincore Minerals鉛El Brocal (Buenaventura)Jinzhao Mining Peru (Nanjinxhao Group/ ZiboHongdaMining)鉄Apurimac Ferrum (Strike Resources)鉱Shougang石Minera Cuervo               (CuercoResources/ Strike Resources)リン Miski Mayo/ Vale合      計プロジェクト名調査ステージ...


... US$、3.4 %)第9位英国(16.5億 US$、2.6 %)と続く。 今後のEIA承認手続き等の動向次第ではあるが、現時点で比較的早期に拡張工事完成や生産開始が見込まれている、主な鉱業プロジェクトを表6に示す。5. Tia Maria銅プロジェクトの動向 Tia Maria銅プロジェクト(Southern Peru Copper社(SPC社)、Arequipa州)は、Arequipa州Islay郡のCocachacra、Dean Valdivia、Punta de Bombon、Mejia...



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