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... across the world and as the global economy continues its slow recovery, the need to address skills shortages is more critical than ever; the skills gap is fast becoming a skills chasm.Based on the trends we have seen from the past five years of the Hays...



...Source: CBRE Global Research and Consulting, Q3 2014.The change in prime office occupancy costs mirrored the gradual, multi-speed recovery of the global economy. Global prime office occupancy costs rose 2.5% year-over-year, led by the Americas (up 4...



New Research: Some Tough Questions for ‘Security Questions’

... Question: What To Do?Secret questions have long been a staple of authentication and account recovery online. But, given these findings its important for users and site owners to think twice about these.We strongly encourage Google users to make sure...

MRG Effitas Comparative Assessment of Data Protection/Backup Products on Protection, Performance, and Usability

... True Image 2017 New Generation, CrashPlan Home 4.8.0, EaseUS TODO Backup Home 10.0, Genie Timeline Home 2016, IDrive, Macrium Reflect Home 6.3.1655, NovaBACKUP 18.5 Build 926, and Paragon Backup and Recovery 16. The result was a comprehensive...


2014年度 アジア太平洋地域 投資家意識調査

... and Developed Asia topping the list of preferred regions to invest in globally, and with 23% of investors saying they targeted each. There was also strong interest in investing in North America and Western Europe as the recovery in the West takes hold, with 20...

2017年4月11日IHS Markitフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

2016 Marks Year of Recovery for Global Semiconductor Market

...2016 Marks Year of Recovery for Global Semiconductor Market, IHS Markit Says "After some selective divestiture, Broadcom Limited has focused on market segments where its customer base holds dominant market share positions. These also tend...

2014年7月3日Lux Researchフィードバック数:0モバイル海外

Mobile Health Devices Market to grow 8-fold to $41.8 Billion in 2023

... will be able to pay much more for comparable services, especially if a device is able to reduce patient recovery times or readmission rates, which can lead to outsized cost savings for the health care provider,” he added.Smartphone boom leads to increased...


アクロニス世界障害復旧評価指標: 2011

...The Acronis Global Disaster Recovery Index: 2011 アクロニス世界障害復旧評価指標: 2011競争の激しい世界経済に参加するすべての国にとって、ビジネス環境を整えることは避けて通れない重要な課題です。これは世界の企業にとって、ITシステムの障害や、大規模な天災、人災が発生しても事業を継続できるようにするということです。世界のIT管理者は、ビジネスに不可欠なデジタル資産の安全を確保し、正常な状態を維持するという共通の課題を抱えています。現在、バッ...

バンキング・バナナ・スキン2014 回復に向かって少しずつ進んでいる状況

...らのリスクに対する懸念が高まっていることを示しています。一方、信用リスク(7位)、資本調達(10位)、流動性(15位)は前回比で大きく順位を下げており、世界的な金融危機が一段落していることが調査結果にも表れて言います。なお、本冊子は原文“Banking Banana Skins 2014 - Inching toward recovery”の要旨部分を翻訳したものです。詳細をご覧になりたい方は以下の原文を参照ください。バンキング・バナナ・スキン調査: 世界の銀行業界が抱えているさまざまなリスクについて、銀行の職員、規制当局関係者およびアナリスト、コン...


Strong Housing Sales and End-of-Season Discounts Fuel 28 Percent Growth in Mobile Shopping, Reports IBM

... to clear out summer merchandise to make room for fall goods, online sales of home goods increased by more than 56 percent year-over-year (YoY).Specific highlights from IBM’s 2Q analysis include:Housing Recovery Fuels Home Goods Online Spending: According...

2013年11月4日Piper Jaffrayフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Piper Jaffray Completes 26th Semi-Annual "Taking Stock with Teens" Market Research Project

...” November 22Slow but Steady Economic Recovery, Low Interest Rates and Consistent Earnings Growth - What Do These Catalysts Mean for Financial Services Stocks in 2003?...

2015年10月19日Piper Jaffrayフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

More Denim, Netflix and YouTube; Less Handbags and Broadcast Media, According to Survey of 9,400 Teens

...” November 22Slow but Steady Economic Recovery, Low Interest Rates and Consistent Earnings Growth - What Do These Catalysts Mean for Financial Services Stocks in 2003?...


Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 5.2 Percent in 2013

... DRAM was in the midst of a strong rebound following two years of revenue decline; the recovery started at the end of 2012 when the market was moving back into an undersupply due to lack of new capacity resulting in commodity DRAM pricing more than...




... gone through a phase of recovery since the autumn in 2014, after entering a short-term recession in the first half of fiscal 2014, which was caused by demand sank after the consumption tax hike in Apr 2014. In this report, the authors forecast...



... approach to costs. Therefore, it may take a little longer for rents to rebound. The Osaka all-grade vacancy rate fell 0.4 pts q-o-q to 7.5% this quarter. Business expansion, underpinned by the economic recovery, is now clearly being reflected in the office...



... deducted. This interim measure will continue until electricity rate finding rules are revised. Regarding the cost recovery period, under the PV-FIT system the costs incurred in a calendar year are recovered in the following fiscal year, whereas under...


Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Sales to Reach $311 Billion in 2013, a 4.5 Percent Increase from 2012

... to lead the recovery with 15.3 percent growth and total semiconductor revenue is projected to reach $342 billion in 2014, an increase of 9.9 percent from 2013. The "Apple effect" is expected to remain pronounced in 2013, helping drive strong NAND...

2016年5月1日Avast Softwareフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Selling Your Smartphone Could Mean Selling Your Identity. Avast Finds Used Smartphones Still Contain Personal Information and Data

... purchased 20 used smartphones — five devices each in New York, Paris, Barcelona and Berlin — and used widely available free recovery software to detect the data found on the devices. As a result, Avast retrieved more than 2,000 personal photos, emails, text...



... in Tsim Sha Tsui, and Queen’s Road Central in Central. These locations—which all recorded very tight vacancy—continue to attract both global and local retailers.A recovery in the Japanese economy, a rebound in the stock market and anticipated growth...


World Competitiveness Ranking 2016

... in Europe have been made by countries in the East, chief among them Latvia, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.Western European economies have also continued to improve, with researchers highlighting the ongoing post-financial-crisis recovery of the public...



... recovery in the United States. Monetary easing programs such as Abenomics in Japan and rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of Australia are also affecting the hotel market in the Asia Pacific region. In summary, low borrowing cost and high liquidity will continue...


リレーショナルデータベースが新型データ性能に対応するため進化中 (原題: Relational Databases are Evolving to Support New Data Capabilities)

...ProductsEDB Postgres Enterprise Edition is the best database and tools package in the PostgreSQL ecosystem for enterprise database compatibility, performance, scalability, high availability, monitoring, management, disaster recovery and application...

2015年7月29日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Global Publics: Economic Conditions Are Bad

... of respondents in emerging and developing countries see a bright future for the next generation.There are also signs of growing public faith in an economic recovery in some of the largest economies. Roughly four-in-ten Americans (40%), Europeans (38...



...,334411,616,611Energy Recovery Bonds233,866,568305,711,858174,959,904317,693,580266,077,086Nuclear Decommissioning23,293,17923,767,58524,857,17949,930,97858,453,827Competition Transition Charge (CTC)266,013,587351,906,147158,086,297570,134,650461,782...


Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments in the Third Quarter of 2014 Declined 0.5 Percent

... Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner. “Positive results in Western Europe and North America can be a sign of gradual recovery for the PC industry.“Consumers’ attention is slowly going back to PC purchases as tablet adoption peaked with mainstream...


PC Shipments Beat Expectations in Q2 2016 as U.S. Market Returned to Growth While Other Regions Continued to Decline

... quarter, with worldwide growth recovering to over 4%. Dell managed a strong recovery in Japan, while also driving solid growth in the United States, although EMEA continued to drag on overall results. ASUS also saw growth recover in 2Q16, benefitting from...

2015年9月3日Kelly Services Inc.フィードバック数:0社会/政治

Global Employment Survey Shows Free Agency Isn't Just for Pro Athletes

... in the U.S. has leveled off since the recovery, though at a higher level than before the recession."By and large, today's free agents are willingly and consciously choosing this workstyle because of the freedom, flexibility and entrepreneurial benefits...

2009年7月27日Greentech Mediaフィードバック数:1製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players

..., The Department of Energy (DOE) issued its requirements for utilities and vendors wishing to apply for the $3.9 billion made available in Stimulus funds (from the (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) related to Smart Grid projects. As the bulk...


Gartner Says Worldwide Security Market to Grow 8.7 Percent in 2013

... Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2013 is the premier gathering for senior IT and business executives across IT security and risk management, including privacy, compliance, business continuity management (BCM), IT disaster recovery and business...


Gartner Says Worldwide PC Shipments Declined 8.3 Percent in Fourth Quarter of 2015

.... Kitagawa said. “Collectively EMEA, Japan and Latin America saw their markets reduced by nearly 10 percent in 2015.”Gartner’s outlook for PC shipments in 2016 is for a decline of 1 percent compared with 2015, with the potential for a soft recovery in late...


Accenture Security Index: A Majority of Global Organizations Struggle to Identify and Fully Protect Mission Critical Assets from Cyberattacks

...) and cooperation with third-parties during crisis management (42 percent). A Surprising Degree of Variation in Industry-Level PerformanceCommunication companies have the highest performance in 11 capabilities including the protection and recovery of key assets (49...



... that the economic recovery is spreading to a wider range of businesses.“We are seeing office demand spreading to all types of industries, on the back of business expansion plans as well as the anticipation for higher rents,” said Hiroshi Koizumi, executive director...




... West End at US$277 per sq. ft. per annum. Development restrictions in the West End keep vacancy rates comparatively very low. The improvement in the U.K. economy has triggered a strong recovery in the demand for space. This demand, along...


Global Mobile Advertising Revenues Surge 82.8% in 2012, Hitting a High of $8.9 Billion (?6.9 Billion)

... we are still experiencing significant economic turmoil and unemployment. Despite this reality, our sector is a positive beacon for recovery and growth. The message to European policy makers is they should take into careful consideration the promising...


BTMU Focus USA Weekly:10月FOMC声明文は冷静

... conditions have shownsome further improvement, but the unemployment rateremains elevated. Available data suggest that householdspending and business fixed investment advanced, whilethe recovery in the housing sector slowed somewhat inrecent months. Fiscal...


BTMU Focus USA Weekly:9月FOMC~やはり据え置き

...・物価の見通し金融政策/FF 金利誘導目標To support a stronger economic recovery and to helpensure that inflation, over time, is at the rate mostconsistent with its dual mandate, the Committee decidedtocontinuepurchasingadditionalagencymortgage-backed securities at a pace...


グローバルアウトソーシング市場に関する調査結果 2016

...により、経営の効率化やグローバルでのガバナンス強化等の観点から情報システムを開発・統合する動きが進んでいる。また、その際の取引の条件としてBCP(Business Continuity Plan)/DR(disaster recovery)の整備が必須となるため、世界各国においてシステム運用管理・データセンターサービスへの需要が高まっている。世界のアウトソーシング事業者各社は、各国にデリバリーセンターを設置し、グローバルでのサービス展開を加速しており、2014年度から2019年度...


BTMU Focus USA Weekly:3月FOMC~フォワードガイダンスを修正、総じてタカ派の印象

... butremains elevated. Household spending and business fixedinvestment advanced more quickly in recent months,while the recovery in the housing sector slowedsomewhat. Fiscal policy is restraining economic growth,although the extent of restraint is diminishing...


平成23年度 中小企業の新興国市場アクセスに関する調査委託事業(英文)

... and national debtcrisis. Though there is time of recovery in 2010, the recovery now slowed to a crawl. As OECD(2011a) forecasts, the economic outlook is more uncertain than usual, with a number of possibleevents related to the euro area debt crisis and fiscal...



... four years.The essential building blocks of storage infrastructure are primary storage, backup, recovery, archiving, and analytics. As per the forecast, the enterprises data segment is likely to witness an exponential increase in data with the growing...



...の投資が必要となることが多く、リカバリー要件に合わせた対策を選択する必要があります。【図6】RTOの設定状況:基幹業務システム、社内管理業務システム、情報共有に必要な情報システムそれぞれ、RTOはどの程度に設定していますか?【図7】RPOの設定状況:貴社の基幹業務、社内管理業務、情報共有に必要な情報システムのリカバリ要件(RPO)はどの程度に設定していますか?【図8】RTOの設定と冗長化対策の相関:図6と情報システムの冗長化対策とのクロス集計結果*1 RTO(Recovery Time Objective):目標...



....cit., p.94; 小川紀一郎「廃棄物発電の海外状況(その 2)アメリカ編」 『PLASPIA』 105 号, 1999.Winter, pp. 42-44 ; “Energy Recovery from Waste.” U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Website  United States Environmental...



... Edition, World Bank.参考までにILOは同国籍海外在住者を160万人と報告しており、こちらの方が実態を反映しているという識者もある。(“Labor and Social Trend in ASEAN 2010: Sustaining Recovery and Development through Decent Work”, ILO Regional Office for Asia and Pacific, Bangkok, 2010.)。 このコンテンツの著作権は、株式...



... Programme for Recovery(EEPR))2009 年 7 月、欧州委員会は欧州経済復興計画(European Economic Recovery Plan)の一環として、欧州の経済復興を加速させるとともに、エネルギー供給の信頼性をより強化し、温室効果ガス排出量削減に貢献するようなプロジェクトを支援するため、復興に向け10た欧州エネルギープログラム(EU Energy Programme for Recovery (EEPR))を採択した。このプログラムの予算は 39.8 億ユーロであり、共同...



...), "Are State Government Roadblocks to Federal Stimulus? Evidence from Highway Grants in the 2009 Recovery Act", Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Working Paper 2013-16.Mian, A and A Sufi (2014), House of Debt: How They (and You) Caused the Great Recession...

2017年5月6日Veeam Softwareフィードバック数:0企業情報システム


...済みの高い復元率」、「データの活用」、「詳細な可視性」という機能を備えたまったく新しいタイプのソリューション、Veeam Availability Suite™により、すべてのアプリケーションおよびデータについて15分未満のRTPO™(Recovery Time and Point Objectives、目標復旧時間および目標復旧時点)の達成を可能にしました。Veeam Backup & Replication™が含まれるこのソリューションは、仮想化、ストレージ、およ...



...), "The US Manufacturing Recovery: Uptick or Renaissance?", IMF Working Paper 14/28.Citi Research (2013), "Is a Renaissance in US Manufacturing Forthcoming?", 31 May.Financial Times (2012), "US set for industrial revival, says study", 21 September.McKinsey...



... V2G/V1G に関する議論や潮流は、政府動向、産業 界動向、標準化動向の三つの断面から世界規模で生まれている o 米国の動向 • 米国では、スマートグリッドを国家戦略として進めておりサブプライ ムローン破綻後の景気対策法(ARRA)による連保政府予算配賦16 16の米国政府公表資料(ホワイトハウスプレスリリースおよび RECOVERY.gov ホームペー ジ http://www.recovery.gov/Pages/default.aspx) 10中にV2G/V1Gの要...



... Recovery Steam Generator)IGCC石炭ガス化複合発電LNG液化天然ガス (Liquefied Natural Gas)LTGC低温ガス冷却 (Low Temperature Gas Cooling)MDEAジメチルエタノールアミン (Dimetyletanolamine)(Integrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle)ixNOx窒素酸化物 (Nitrogen Oxides)一酸 化窒 素( NO ) 、二 酸化 窒素( NO2 ) 、亜 酸化...



...ーシアにおけるリサイクル事業可能性調査既存リサイクル事業者の調査マレーシアのパナソニックの生産拠点から排出されている基板類の処理を行っている“FullRecovery”ライセンス所有業者の調査を行った。3-1.1企業概要会社名:Victory Recovery Resources Sdn Bhd本社:No 14 & 16, Jalan PK 11,Krubong Industrial Park,75250 Melaka,West Malaysia.資本金:200 万リンギット(約 6,000 万円)従業員:36 名1990 年 10 月 3 日に金細工の製造・販売を目的として設立2000 年...



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