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Talking About Periods ? An International Investigation

...Periods are a health reality for 50% of the world’s population. Yet the menstrual cycle is often not discussed in public - because of cultural discomfort, social customs or simply lack of information about the topic.We wanted to find out more...

2013年2月22日Simply Measured★フィードバック数:86マーケティング海外


Despite a Rocky Road, 59% of Top Brands Are Now Active on Instagram

... strong audience growth for brands that adopted early, and a widening gap for those who have yet to create an account.See how brands are performing on Instagram, and what you can learn to benefit your brand. I'm a Marketing Manager at Simply Measured...


The Cable Industry Faces The Perfect Storm: Apps, App Stores and Apple

... hasn’t decreased, it is hard to say how much of that time is actual watching, versus having background noise to the plethora of apps being actively consumed on mobile devices. In the media industry, time-spent is the ultimate metric and if we simply...

2015年8月10日Fast Companyフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Ingeniously Charting The Horrifying Power Of Today's Nuclear Bombs

... powerful on the galactic scale. If you built a bomb of the same size and shape from the material in the sun’s core, it would take 10 million years to generate the same amount of energy.The human mind simply can’t fathom the numbers, but this extra-long...


Security Survey 2016

... capabilities of antivirus software. Put simply, the test framework replicates the scenario of an everyday user in an everyday online environment – the typical situation that most of us experience when using a computer with an Internet connection. AV...



... and some are simply unpatchable due to outdated technology, thus increasing the attack surface for potential adversaries. In fact, nation-state cyber threat actors have exploited five of these vulnerabilities in attacks since 2009.Unfortunately, security...


Survey Says: “What Business Leaders Need to Know about Targeted Attacks”

...Targeted attacks and advanced threats represent a growing risk to your organization’s reputation, intellectual property, communications and data. Quite simply, the weapons and expertise needed to launch targeted attacks are readily available...


Smartphone Apps Are Now 50% of All U.S. Digital Media Time Spent

.... The convenience factor is simply too powerful. You almost always have your smartphone on you, and apps allow you to immediately access a service in one simple tap of the screen. As smartphone screens have gotten larger and as 4G LTE networks enable faster speeds...


Internet-wide efforts to fight email phishing are working

... part of a message that most users simply ignore anyway. What do you suppose the click rate delta is on a message that comes in with a slightly altered domain name(heck, even a totally bogus domain name)? Not much I'd wager. Exact same message that your...


The value of a Twitter follower for small and medium-sized businesses

... a Twitter Ads account and then select Promoted Accounts to begin your campaign. If you already have an account, simply log in to get started.We look forward to hearing your feedback — tweet us at @TwitterSmallBiz and let us know how your followers help you...

2016年5月1日Avast Softwareフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Selling Your Smartphone Could Mean Selling Your Identity. Avast Finds Used Smartphones Still Contain Personal Information and Data

... - only the reference to the file was deleted. Other phone owners simply forgot to delete their data or do a factory reset.While an original owner who sells an old phone to a pawn shop might take the necessary precautions to rid the phone of data...


All About Japan Travel Award 2016

... on a rooftop? Head north to Miyagi! 08EHIMETop Photogenic Spots in Shikoku, Japan One of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku is full of charm. Being a remote island, it has a lot of unique attractions that you simply cannot see anywhere else. Get ready...



... estimate the probabilities of winning a match for each team. We believe that this probabilistic point of view is much more interesting, as it acknowledges that football is simply not always predictable. To take these probabilities into account, we use...


Amazon Rising - Amazon’s Streaming Video Surpasses Hulu and Apple

... the Everything Store, October 2013 As a brief update, Amazon revenue is expected to exceed $100B in 2014. AWS alone will account for $6B to $10B this year. Simply jaw dropping numbers. If Amazon says they will boil the ocean, better run to the beach and hop...

Peaceful and normal actions forbidden under the junta regime after 6 months

... in various ways. Although these anti-junta actions have resulted in intimidation, arrest, detention, and lawsuits from the military, the junta’s draconian measures to suppress people who simply want to exercise their basic rights only drive more people...


Now Hiring: Cyber Defenders Needed

...)."The results show that young adults could become interested in cyber careers, but that they simply don't have enough information about what steps to take," said Jack Harrington, vice president cybersecurity and special missions for Raytheon. "It's imperative we...


Automotive Touch Panel Revenues to Hit $1.5 Billion by 2018

... is changing. What was once simply a way to view information from navigation system or car audio systems, has evolved into a human-to- machine interface for devices of inside and outside the vehicle. “This evolution, along with the increased volume...


Global Rich List

... the same time.It takes just a minute to do something to help though. Simply click the button and donate an hour’s pay, or whatever you can afford, to our chosen charity.Your donation will be converted into GBP sterling at the next stage. Keep scrolling...


This Map Shows How the Apple-FBI Fight Was About Much More Than One Phone

... to provide it, I agree. But if that data is only on a persons device and that device has protections built into it that are simply very very difficult to break, I think it's very UNREASONABLE to demand that any company deploy massive resources on behalf...


YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn Drive The Most Engaged Social Referrals

.... Another reason YouTube takes home the crown is because viewers are simply used to spending minutes — perhaps, hours — educating and entertaining themselves with awesome video and may have fewer qualms about taking extra time to discover more great content...



In the City That We Love

... we encoded only the last two columns (representing percentage of people asleep and average number of steps by hour) in hex, requiring just 4 bytes, representing the red and blue colors in hex. So the example above simply becomes 8316. This helped us...


How often should you post on your Facebook pages?

... of "than" is pathetic.Phil Sign InThe content on this page is available only to signed-in users. Simply sign in to gain access to all materials in the Socialbakers Resources. Once signed-in, you will then be able to access and download various types...


Gartner Says Worldwide Semiconductor Sales to Reach $311 Billion in 2013, a 4.5 Percent Increase from 2012

..., principal analyst at Gartner. "Inventory levels were already high at the start of the second half of 2012, and as PC demand rolled off, supply simply overshot demand." The semiconductor market was further depressed when DRAM prices failed to rebound in 2012...


The Least Stressful Jobs of 2014

...No career is totally free from stress. We all face work-related responsibilities in our jobs and with those responsibilities come challenges. Yet some careers are simply less stressful than others, especially when you love your job."Helping...



... trusted by 25 of the world’s top 30 service providers by revenue. Our BroadSoft Business application suite empowers users and teams to share ideas and work simply to achieve breakthrough performance....

2015年1月4日TC Candler★フィードバック数:0エンタテインメント海外


100 Most Beautiful Faces 2014

... CRITICS LIST is not a popularity contest and it is definitely not country specific. It is not about the sexiest body or the most famous celebrity. Rather, the list attempts to inform & broaden public opinion, instead of simply reflecting it.THE INDEPENDENT...

2016年1月4日TC Candlerフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント

100 Most Beautiful Faces 2015

... CRITICS LIST is not a popularity contest and it is definitely not country specific. It is not about the sexiest body or the most famous celebrity. Rather, the list attempts to inform & broaden public opinion, instead of simply reflecting it.THE INDEPENDENT...

2014年2月7日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

6 new facts about Facebook

... shared something that was meant for everyone and one person said I directed it to her page. Please correct me.Thanks. It’s really a great and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date...


The 10 Richest Soccer Players

... the course of his 50 year career, the filmmaker and... Ciara Princess Wilson, known worldwide as simply Ciara, is a popular singer and songwriter. Although she’s best known for her music career, Ciara has... Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria has at least 8 other...


KSN Report: Ransomware in 2014-2016

.... At the end of 2010, Kaspersky Lab researchers predicted that despite the arrests, the problem was unlikely to go away. Cybercriminals, the experts predicted, would simply use other methods to receive payment for ‘unblocking’ their victims’ computers...


Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technologies for 2012

....In 2011 and 2012, analytics will increasingly focus on decisions and collaboration. The new step is to provide simulation, prediction, optimization and other analytics, not simply information, to empower even more decision flexibility at the time and place...


Gartner Says 4.9 Billion Connected "Things" Will Be in Use in 2015

... and competitive threats — and, equally, the greatest competitive opportunities — arise not from simply digitalizing a product or service, but from creating a new business model and value proposition,” said Steve Prentice, vice president and Gartner Fellow...


The Worldwide Wearables Market Leaps 126.9% in the Fourth Quarter and 171.6% in 2015, According to IDC

... media, news, and navigation, will push wearables further, and attract more users." "Fashion and design will play an equally important role in increasing adoption," said Jitesh Ubrani, Senior Research Analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers. "Simply...

2013年6月14日Open Knowledge Foundationフィードバック数:300マーケティング海外

The Open Data Census - Tracking the State of Open Data Around the World

... a single measure of open data progress.Why the Census?But simply putting a few spreadsheets online under an open license is obviously not enough. Doing open government data well depends on releasing key datasets in the right way. Moreover...


Ransomware Doubled in Second Half of 2016

... rapidly. This is simply because they work, and generate significant revenues for attackers. Organizations are struggling to effectively counteract the threat: many don’t have the right defenses in place, and may not have educated their staff on how...

2017年3月25日MANGA TOKYOフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント


... each other from their worldly desires. The visuals are superb and the cliffhangers after every episode just tickles my curiosity.I thought this was quite different from all the anime I’ve watched so far. And the art, illustrations are simply beautiful...



2013 Internet Ad Revenues Soar To $42.8 Billion, Hitting Landmark High & Surpassing Broadcast Television For The First Time?Marks a 17% Rise Over Record-Setting Revenues in 2012

..., PwC U.S. “Triple digit advertising revenue growth from mobile devices contrasted the more tepid 8 percent growth from traditional computer screens. This is simply a reflection of the change in how and where consumers are viewing their information...


Does happiness itself directly affect mortality? The prospective UK Million Women Study

... The Lancet family of journals - all for a one-off payment of $49.00 USD.Simply purchase your Lancet Choice pass from the Summary or Full Text page of an article you wish to access. This will count as the first of 5 article credits, or ‘Allowances’, and you...


the Most Popular Dog Names of 2016

.... “Decades ago, dogs were simply our pets and the names we chose for them, like Spot or Rover, demonstrated that. As that relationship has evolved, ‘pet owners’ have begun to think of themselves as ‘pet parents,’ and dogs are part of their families,” said...

2015年4月13日Pew Research★フィードバック数:0マーケティング海外


Teens, Social Media & Technology Overview 2015

... And teens are not simply sending messages through the texting system that telephone companies offer. Some 73% of teens have access to smartphones and among them messaging apps like Kik or WhatsApp have caught on. Fully 33% of teens with phones have such apps...

2010年12月28日Pew Researchフィードバック数:198マーケティング海外

Generations 2010-オンライン行動の世代間比較レポート

... is that they are simply not interested in doing so. Roughly one in nine (12%) cite not having a computer, and a similar proportion (10%) say that it would be too expensive. A full list of reasons is shown in the table below. Home broadband adoptionTwo-thirds of American...

2014年3月3日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

The Web at 25 in the U.S.

... tied to the internet, about half as many (some 30%) said it would be hard to give up access because they simply enjoy being online.Most internet users think online communication has strengthened their relationships and the majority report...


Gartner Says Worldwide Shipments of 3D Printers to Grow 49 Percent in 2013

..., such as Yamada Denki, are prime candidates to sell printers and finished 3D printed items. Their presence in the market will have an impact on average selling prices, forcing providers into low-margin sales of consumer 3DP by 2017." "Simply experiencing...

2014年4月10日Piper Jaffrayフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Taking Stock With Teens - Spring 2014

... years, we’ve truly witnessed two major shifts in shopping channel preferences and behaviors. First, the shift to off-price retailing is very real and not anchored simply in also-ran overstocks from the department store crowds. These teens almost equally...



... and technical process.Can You Optimize Your Site Yourself?Many enterprises pay someone to get their website up-and-running, but nothing more. They simply let their site sit online, untended, for months or even years. While this approach might save some money...

2008年10月27日Linux Foundationフィードバック数:9企業情報システム海外


... for this is a diverse community is involved in building Fedora, not just a company. Using the SLOCCount application is a remarkably simple task: it is simply a matter of pointing it at the correct directory where the source code resides, and letting it run. A detailed...


Americans Name the 10 Most Significant Historic Events of Their Lifetimes

... – Millennials and Gen Xers – have experienced fewer historic events simply because they have not lived as long as Baby Boomers or members of the Silent Generation. In other words, the fact that younger Americans don’t list World War II doesn’t mean they believe...

2016年8月11日KASPERSKY labフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

Kaspersky Lab International Travel Report: the urge to connect at any cost is putting international travelers’ data at risk

..., simply, it is instinctive to go online after touching down.Indeed, our digital lives are second nature, and we are hardly inclined to change our behaviors as we roam away from our homes, and our trusted home networks. Half (50%) of people say they forget...

2014年11月26日AV-TEST Instituteフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Self-Protection for Antivirus Software

... either. Thus ASLR are DEP are an additional precaution that no one should do without. Because implementing them is a snap: it involves existing functions in the compiler that simply need to be activated. The volume of code and program run time...


Report: 4.7 inches is the most popular phone screen size, and you can guess why

..., women simply buy because it's 'fashionable' and fashion doesn't belong in tech, fashion keeps it disposable.well no one asked me so its like 20 people from each country i hate these graphs they dont show any real infoi bet the next 5 inch iphone size...



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