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Digital Marketing Talent Study: Skills Are Inflated and Talent Is Slim

... their employees are strong in all areas of digital marketing.Brands and agencies perceive spotty levels of knowledge, skill level and experience.There is a need for talent at each level (entry, mid-tier and executive), with knowledge and skill gaps observed...

2014年4月6日The World Bank Groupフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Vietnam Development Report 2014 - Skilling up Vietnam: Preparing the workforce for a modern market economy

... acute among applicants for jobs in technical, professional and managerial positions, while a shortage in applicants is common among more elementary occupations.• Employers identify job-specific technical skills as the most important skill...

2015年9月3日Kelly Services Inc.フィードバック数:0社会/政治

Global Employment Survey Shows Free Agency Isn't Just for Pro Athletes

... degrees and possess a professional or technical skill set than those in traditional employment:48 percent of free agents hold a university/college degree and/or an advanced degree, compared with 36 percent of traditional workers69 percent of free agents...


ファーウェイ世界接続性指標報告書 2017年度版(Global Connectivity Index、GCI 2017)

... employment through creating new work and preparing workers with the digital skill set needed for work in the future. As nations around the world compete for the same digital economy pie, those that slow ICT Infrastructure investment will likely fall behind...



Huawei Global Connectivity Index

... employment through creating new work and preparing workers with the digital skill set needed for work in the future. As nations around the world compete for the same digital economy pie, those that slow ICT Infrastructure investment will likely fall behind...


Retail Consumer Research 2016

... and needs of retail consumers and the efforts retailers are making to meet those needs reveals a fluid landscape where the ability to adapt has become a must-have skill. As consumers turn up the volume regarding their customer experience demands, retailers...

The CS Gender 3000: The Reward for Change

... or divestment, the ability of the acquirer or divested to improve growth and pricing skill, the analysis indicates that female CEOs show considerably better operational success and growth relative to their male counterparts and better pricing skill when...


The World's Most Talent Competitive Countries

...) shows countries need both skill sets - global knowledge and vocational - to build a cutting edge, knowledge-based society, a complex undertaking that in some cases relies on strong educational traditions, and in others on immigration policies.Swiss...


10 Animators to Watch in 2016

... love of story while in CalArts’ character animation program. “My interests and my skill set lent themselves to storyboarding,” says Molina. “I enjoyed the design challenge and acting opportunity in animation, but I don’t think I excelled at it.” — Karen...

2017年1月3日Ashley Nolanフィードバック数:0マーケティング

The State of Front-End Tooling 2016 - Results

... knowledge of CSS.It goes without saying that this question is pretty relative, as this can be interpreted differently by each respondent as well as relying on a level of modesty when it comes to rating your own skill level – but it is none-the-less...

2015年1月19日Evolution Finance★フィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル海外


2015′s Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

... services firm in business data analysis is an example of this.How can the U.S. stay ahead of other countries in attracting and training the best STEM professionals?We need to continue to invest in education, emphasize the critical importance of STEM skill...

2014年10月10日Orbit Media Studios★★フィードバック数:0マーケティング海外


Survey of 1000+ Bloggers: How to Be in the Top 5%

... access to Analytics. This may indicate a skill gap in the blogger population and the need for a more strategic approach in the industry.On the other hand, a solid 27% of bloggers always check Analytics. Writing is creative, but marketing requires...



...対応を担う人材の必要性やその人材を育成するための課題等を明確化することが効果的である。こうした問題意識を踏まえて、本調査では、第一段階として、人材育成へのスキル指標の活用を意識した上で、IT ベンダーやユーザー企業の情報システム部門の IT 人材における情報セキュリティの具体的な育成ニーズや育成課題についての調査を行った。なお、本調査は「情報セキュリティを担う IT 人材」を対象とするものであるが、その範囲は、図 1 に示すとおりである。12IT スキル標準(ITSS)IT Skill Standard / Skill Standard for IT Professional...


経済産業省委託調査 平成26年度対内直接投資促進体制整備事業海外事業者の視点に基づく日本企業との投資提携の定着に関する調査報告書

...%)Talent & Skill (43%)• Gain highly skilled resources inJapanese companies• Acquire resources with knowledge ofJapanese commercial practices• Leverage brand image and client trustdeveloped by Japanese companiesJapanese companies reasons...


平成26年度 エネルギー需給緩和型インフラ・システム普及等促進事業 (円借款・民活インフラ案件形成等調査) インドネシア・北スマトラ州カライ小水力発電事業調査報告書(英語版)<和文管理番号000414>

Study on Economic Partnership Projectsin Developing Countries in FY2014Study on Karai Mini-Hydro Power Project in the Province ofSumatera Utara, the Republic of IndonesiaFinal ReportFebruary 2015Prepared for:Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryErn



... exclusive; something predominately enjoyed by the privilegedfew.The growing wage gapWithin the labour share, wage disparities have been growing. Wages in low-skill sectors inparticular have been falling behind productivity in emerging economies...


平成26年度 エネルギー需給緩和型インフラ・システム普及等促進事業(円借款・民活インフラ案件形成等調査) インド国・デリー~ウッタル・プラデシュ州鉄道事業調査報告書(英語版)<和文管理番号000408>

... section of other operators, which was not undertakenpreviously in Delhi metro system. It means that the urban transit operation skill inJapan, which is highlighting a lot of records and experiences in thru train operation,has a significant advantage...



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