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2017年7月24日Frost & Sullivanフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

Blockchain Technology in Global Healthcare, 2017-2025

...Blockchain Technology in Global Healthcare, 2017–2025 Blockchain technology, with its ubiquitous security infrastructure for seamless health data exchange, holds potential to eliminate the burden and cost of health data reconciliation and facilitate...

2013年11月7日Blacksmith Instituteフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

Top Ten Toxic Threats in 2013

... burden of pollution is comparable in scope to that of more well-known public health threats, such as tuberculosis or malaria.This is the first list of polluted sites released by the two groups since 2007. In the intervening years, the report explains...

2008年10月27日Linux Foundationフィードバック数:9企業情報システム海外


... of development burden amongst individuals and companies has resulted in a large and efficient ecosystem and unheralded software innovation.Over 1,000 developers, from at least 100 different companies, contribute to every kernel release. In the past two years...

2015年4月27日J.D. Powerフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

Consumer Preference for Collision Protection Technologies Paves the Way for Autonomous Driving

... that reduce the overall burden of driving and enhance the safety of the vehicle and its occupants receive the most consumer attention. Among the technologies consumers express most interest in having in their next vehicle are blind spot detection...

2015年1月30日Black Duck Softwareフィードバック数:0企業情報システム海外

Open Source Rookies of the Year

... to translate data representations from one form to another. Apache Arrow removes this burden. Arrow enables the CPU to run faster when processing data and to begin the next process before the previous has finished, yielding one to two orders of magnitude...

2017年10月23日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0企業情報システム

Automation in Everyday Life

... that autonomous vehicles will make the roads less safe for humans. Similarly, seven-in-ten Americans (70%) anticipate that robot caregivers would help alleviate the burden of caring for aging relatives – but nearly two-thirds (64%) expect that these technologies...



... Selection in Co-Investment Networks: Evidence from Venture Capital," Unpublished working paper.Jones, B. F. 2009. "The Burden of Knowledge and the Death of the Renaissance Man: Is Innovation Getting Harder?" Review of Economic Studies 76, 283-317.Steffens, P...



... Clinic. “Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Accessed 14 September 2015. Available at . Cross M, et al. “The global burden of rheumatoid arthritis: estimates from the Global Burden of Disease 2010 study.” Ann Rheum Dis. 2014; 73(7):1316-22.Sacks, J., Lou, Y., Helmick...




.... Rheumatoid arthritis. Lancet. 2001; 358:903-911.Mayo Clinic, “Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Accessed 14 September 2011. Available at World Health Organization, “The Global Burden of Disease, 2004 Update.” Accessed 13 March 2012. Available at Sacks, J., Lou, Y...



What makes for a stable marriage?

... that the financial burden incurred by lavish, expensive weddings leads to financial stress for the couple, which ultimately tears the marriage apart. They found that women, in particular, are vulnerable to divorce after expensive marriages: women in couples who spent...



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