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New Jobvite Social Job Seeker Survey: One in Six Workers Successfully Used Social Networks to Get Hired

... 18+) with respect to gender, age, and region, and race and ethnicity. 3 Comments[…] and it requires users to be more active than other social networks. But it’s not hard, as the Super Socials are finding […] […] and it requires users to be more...


The Most Hackable Cars on the Road

... your car from security threats isn’t something you can fully do by yourself. In fact, one car has already been recalled due to its potential hackability: the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. 1.4 million cars were voluntarily recalled in response to research finding...

2013年1月31日Marin Softwareフィードバック数:34マーケティング海外

The Rise of Product Listing Ads: 2012 & Beyond

... deploying PLA campaigns, but also the increase in product related searches during the holiday season.However, the steady increase in click share from 2.1% in January 2012 to 6.6% (210% growth) in December indicates that shoppers are finding these PLAs...

Software Developers Worry They Will be Replaced by AI

... with being loners rather than team players. “Another dimension to this finding is that over three-quarters of the developers thought that robots and artificial intelligence would be a great benefit to mankind, but a little over 60% thought it could...



What makes for a stable marriage?

... their engagement were 20% less likely to ultimately end up divorced than couples who dated less than a year before getting engaged.What we see above is that dating 3 or more years before getting engaged leads to a much more stable marriage. This finding probably...

20 Great Workplaces in Technology Winners

... and hire the right candidate, job seekers are equally interested in finding the right position at the right company. That’s why Great Rated!™ —the new survey-based workplace review website—from Great Place to Work® uses data and insights for a true picture...


Now Hiring: Cyber Defenders Needed

.... But finding well-qualified young adults for those positions is another story.The talent gap in this fast-growing technical field is causing serious problems for businesses and governments in this age of the cyber attack. With October being National Cyber...


Social Networking On-The-Go: U.S. Mobile Social Media Audience Grows 37 Percent in the Past Year

... Americans accessed social networking sites or blogs on their mobile device in August 2011, an increase of 37 percent in the past year. The study also provided new insights into how mobile users interact with social media, finding that more than half read...

2015年5月13日NTT Innovation Instituteフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report

... to successful defensive strategies with rapidly adapting tactics. Some of the key finding of the report include:During 2014, 76% of identified vulnerabilities throughout all systems in the enterprise were more than 2 years old, and almost 9% of them were over 10...



... deducted. This interim measure will continue until electricity rate finding rules are revised. Regarding the cost recovery period, under the PV-FIT system the costs incurred in a calendar year are recovered in the following fiscal year, whereas under...

2014年8月28日Rocket Fuelフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Rocket Fuel Study: Digital Display Advertising Nine Times More Effective Than TV for Auto Insurance Brands

...Using IAS Data, Rocket Fuel and IAS Conduct Study Finding That in Certain Cases up to 70% In-Stream Video Ad Inventory is Misrepresented In-BannerRocket Fuel Remains the Only Company Currently Integrated with IAS to Run Video Campaigns on Verified...


11% quarterly growth in downloads for leading app stores

... growth market, with more and more consumers around the world now comfortable and confident in finding apps, downloading them and making in-app purchases, on a growing addressable base of smart phones and tablets.’Some of the strongest growth was seen...


Happy new year? The world's getting slowly more cheerful

...News navigationHappy new year? The world's getting slowly more cheerfulAs 2013 draws to a close, pollsters have been finding out how people across the world feel about the state of their lives and the coming 12 months. Here, the BBC's world affairs...

2014年9月10日アドビ システムズ★フィードバック数:0モバイル海外


ADI: Large-Screen Smartphone Browsing On Rise; Wi-Fi Topples Cellular

... app use sessions.Wi-Fi Topples CellularAnother key finding of the report, according White, is that Wi-Fi use is at an inflection point, while cellular connection is on the decline. Smartphone browsing via Wi-Fi, according to ADI, has surpassed 50...


The World's Most Talent Competitive Countries

... (universities are way expensive for common people) Big gap between higher social classes and lower ones.Sorry. Feedback - The report is bizarre. Singapore and Switzerland are stand out economies with great governments...Finding Balance In Business Education...

2012年2月8日Pew Researchフィードバック数:326マーケティング海外

Why most Facebook users get more than they give

..., the average person has 245 friends. However, the average friend of a person in this sample has 359 Facebook friends. The finding, that people’s friends have more friends than they do, was nearly universal (as it is for friendship networks off of Facebook).Only...


The 10 Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do At Home

... might have difficulty finding work as different businesses tend to search for a specific kind of voice only. And altering your voice is a pretty difficult thing to do.3. Statistical AnalystAverage Salary: $69,000As a statistical analyst, you have...


...アを中心にビジネスチャンスを模索する姿もうかがえました。 さらなるビジネス成長のために次世代のリーダーが求められている一方、53%が「現在、事業継承のための明確な計画はない」と回答し、多くの中堅企業にとって「次世代継承」を計画することはまだ一般的ではなく、次世代のリーダーになる人材確保と育成、事業継承が課題であることが浮き彫りになりました。KEY FINDING 1.<中堅企業の経営環境> ◆2016年の景況感: 「改善」の実感は少数派 現在に至る景況感について、「以前より改善」(35%)との回答は「以前より悪化」(24%)より多かったものの、「以前...



... of interest within the victim's enterprise to finding ways to exfiltrate that data, subsequent points of entry, and so forth. And we have a brilliant visual method of illustrating those in true color. And it's fantastic. I hope our readers have as much fun...

2017年3月10日Futuresource Consultingフィードバック数:0モバイル


... not be used as an installed based data point. (For example this statement is incorrect - Chromebooks account for 58% of devices in US classroom.)If you are interested in finding out more regarding the latest Futuresource Ed Tech, K-12 reports then please do...

2017年3月25日MANGA TOKYOフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント


... (Masamune-Kun no Revenge)It had a unique storyline compared to generic love stories, as this storyline contained a character who became hot in order to seek his vendetta instead of finding true love. At the same time rejecting other people purely...

Deloitte Christmas Survey 2016

... in the decision making process, especially when it comes to finding ideas. And while the Internet is the second preferred source of information, 82% of respondents stated that they will buy this year’s presents in a brick and mortar store.Physical stores...


Gartner Says Worldwide Sales of Mobile Phones Declined 2 Percent in First Quarter of 2012; Previous Year-over-Year Decline Occurred in Second Quarter of 2009

....“This is particularly true for smartphones based on the Android OS, where a strong commoditization trend is at work and most players are finding it hard to break the mould,” Mr. Gupta said. “At the high end, hardware features coupled with applications and services...


Smartphone user study shows mobile movement under way

... consumers use their phones to help with shopping, from comparing prices, finding more product info to locating a retailer74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase, whether online, in-store, or on their phones70% use their smartphones while in the store...

2015年11月5日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0モバイル海外

The Demographics of Device Ownership

... own a desktop or laptop computer. This figure has fluctuated a bit in Pew Research findings over the years, but the 2015 finding is roughly similar to computer ownership levels of a decade ago – though slightly down from a high in 2012, when 80...

77% of Display Ads are Never Seen: Sticky

... should this finding affect how you are planning your campaigns?There are several reasons why such a large percentage of ads are never seen:Where the ad is placed on a page can have a large impact on viewability. Ads are often not seen if they are placed...


Millions still running the risk with Windows Server 2003

... switching to Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure or Office 365. To help customers migrate, Microsoft has provided an interactive Windows Server 2003 Migration Planning Assistant, which, incidentally, is hosted on Microsoft Azure.Finding out more...


Gartner Says Worldwide Shipments of 3D Printers to Grow 49 Percent in 2013

... the technology to finding reasons to justify purchases as price points, applications and functionality become more attractive." From an enterprise point of view, current uses of 3D technology focus on one-off or small-run models for product design and industrial...


Gartner Says Asia/Pacific Led Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to Growth in First Quarter of 2013

... of feature phones contracted 21.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013.“Feature phones users across the world are either finding their existing phones good enough or are waiting for smartphones prices to drop further, either way the prospect of longer...

2009年7月27日Greentech Mediaフィードバック数:1製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players

... is transforming on an epic scale. The relatively static, slow-changing power transmission and distribution market is finding itself at the confluence of energy, telecommunications and information technology (IT) markets, driving necessary change and innovation...


Gartner's 2012 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Identifies "Tipping Point" Technologies That Will Unlock Long-Awaited Technology Scenarios

... is not quite there yet. We might have to remove our glasses for the facial recognition to work, our smartphones don't always understand us when we speak, and the location-sensing technology sometimes has trouble finding us."Although the Hype Cycle presents...


Intel Survey Finds 'Digital Over-Sharing' is Leading Mobile Etiquette Faux Pas

... of The Emily Post Institute. “But we’re still finding our way when it comes to determining the most appropriate behavior in any given situation online. Should I posta picture of my friend’s newborn before she does? Is it acceptable to have 3 different online...




...米国SAS Institute Inc.より発表されたプレスリリースの抄訳です。 米国ネバダ州ラスベガス「The Premier Business Leadership Series」発 (2014年11月4日)ビジネス・アナリティクス・ソフトウェアとサービスのリーディング・カンパニーである米国SAS Institute Inc.(以下 SAS)は、「Finding the Right Balance Between Personalization and Privacy(パー...



Digital News Report 2013

... as in the UK. In Brazil, social media are the top-ranked gateway for our urban-based online sample (60% said it was one of the five most important ways of finding news). The same is true in Spain (45% social media compared with 40% for search). Japanese...



The 2014 Global Consumer Electronics Outlook

... management, augmented by mastery of the sector’s value chain and distribution channels.Yet so far in 2013, even Samsung and Apple are finding it difficult to sustain the momentum they built in 2011-2012. That is largely due to the twin pressures of softening...



... services market. Enterprises are finding it difficult to manage storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) interfaces as they require multiple tools to manage them. Therefore, enterprises are shifting to unified storage management systems...


10 Animators to Watch in 2016

... Idelson Tzue’s problem was never finding a talent. She had many: dance, music, architecture, film and, eventually, animation.The problem was choosing one.At the end of that tug of war, says the 2015 Student Academy Award winner, cinema won out.“Film...


100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2016

..., some, or optional telecommuting). Job seekers, if you’re interested in finding a remote job this year, it’s a good bet that these will be some of the top companies with remote jobs in 2016.” All the best!Patricia May 13, 2016 at 7:11 pm Just a footnote...



... marketing performance. Many companies are finding that cloud-based digital marketing platforms provide the foundation to deliver the most relevant customer experiences at scale, optimizing marketing performance. No results found We were unable to find...

2015年4月10日Stack Exchange★フィードバック数:0企業情報システム海外

Stack Overflowのユーザー調査です。

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015

... about every coder uses Stack Overflow. Every day more coders are finding great jobs on Stack Overflow Jobs. We conducted this survey to help us better understand our community and to help our community better understand itself. For 2 weeks in early...

2017年2月17日We Are Social★フィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

Digital in 2017 Global Overview

... at the beginning of this analysis, the standout finding of this year’s report is that more than halfWhat’s more, the growth of internet use continues to accelerate around the world, with global user numbers up by more than 80% in the 5 years since As we note every...


Americans Name the 10 Most Significant Historic Events of Their Lifetimes

... disappointing momentsAmericans were also invited to weigh in on the times and events that made them most proud of their country, and those that left them feeling most disappointed. Perhaps the most significant finding is that there is much less agreement...

2012年4月5日Pew Researchフィードバック数:2717デジタル家電海外

The rise of e-reading

... finding spiritual enrichment through reading and expanding their worldview.3% said they like being mentally challenged by books.2% cited the physical properties of books – their feel and smell – as a primary pleasure.Demographics of e-book readers. In our...



... interoperability, low latency and zero interference.LocationCSR’s vehicle-based and handheld location technology works virtually everywhere, outperforming the competition in difficult areas like ‘urban canyons’ and indoors. Whether you’re finding your own way...


Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017

... cities in the top 100, Cancún and Mexico City, registered considerable drops. This is not, however, representative of the country as a whole, which is actually seeing strong growth in international arrivals. One of the challenges for Mexico is finding...

2013年5月27日Pew Researchフィードバック数:1459セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

... their age at one time or another so they could access a website or sign up for an online account. In the latest survey, 39% of online teens admitted to falsifying their age in order gain access to a website or account, a finding that is not significantly...



... of Energy Supply-Demand Mitigation Type (Fact-finding Study on the Formation of A Yen-loan/Private-fund-based Project, Etc.) awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of its FY2014 projects to E&T Research Institute, Inc. (contractor...



... Culture through Music Genres, Venues, Laws and Drugs, CMC Senior Theses, 2010. See also: CORREA, Débora C., da F. COSTA, Luciano, LEVADA, L.M., Alexandre, Finding Community Structure in Music Genres Networks, in: ISMIR 2011, p.447-452, 2011.DICKERSON...



... and Finding Task, Task Three – Needs-Seeds Matching」を2008年から2011年にわ たって実施した。このプロジェクトにおいてベトナム側では、工業化戦略を実施する現場 から人材教育に至るまで、能力・経験を有するシニア人材を受け入れるニーズが存在する ことが示されている。 なお、ベトナムでの求人側が日本人材の採用に際して確認する一般的な項目は次の通り。 =一般的項目= ・性別: ほぼ全て男性 ・学歴: 専門学校以上、大学卒業が必須な場合が多い ・資格: 特定...



... Against Women and Children After the Great East JapanDisasters: Results from a Case-Finding Survey.Originally published in Japan Women’s Watch (Ed.). (2013), Violence against Women andGirls in Japan (pp. 1-24). Tokyo, Japan: Japan Women’s Watch.* For an...



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