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2015年9月3日Kelly Services Inc.フィードバック数:0社会/政治

Global Employment Survey Shows Free Agency Isn't Just for Pro Athletes

... conducting research around the free agent workforce -- individuals who consult; perform temporary, freelance or independent contract work; or have their own business. The Kelly Services 2015 Free Agent Survey, its first-ever global survey, obtained the views...



...’s figures is therefore likely to be temporary.Contracted rents displayed an upward trend this quarter in major areas in Saitama (Yashio and Misato) and Chiba (Kashiwa, Nagareyama and Noda) and also farther up north in Saitama around the Kuki interchange...

Top 10 Handsets in October

... the No. 1 smartphone player in December or January in China.- Samsung, Nokia, Huawei and TCL-Alcatel showing good signs in OctoberMeanwhile, the Galaxy S4 sales saw a temporary uptick due to a price discount in some markets during October. However...


Gartner Says in 2015, 50 Percent of People Considering Buying a Smart Wristband Will Choose a Smartwatch Instead

... to reach 68.1 million units in 2015, down from 70 million units in 2014, according to Gartner, Inc. This temporary dip in sales will be driven by an overlap in functionality between smart wristbands, other wearable fitness monitors and smartwatches. However...

2013年3月14日アドビ システムズフィードバック数:749マーケティング海外

Tablets trump smartphones in global website traffic

..., Canada, and Australia did see a slight dip in the share of traffic from tablets during November even as total tablet traffic continued to grow due to a temporary surge in PC traffic. Tablets are preferred for retail & ecommerce related activities. We know...

ヘイズ アジア給与ガイド西日本版

... work-ready professionals are turning instead to temporary staff, and this is in turn triggering a rise in wages and intensifying the difficulty of quickly securing talent.Companies are accelerating cross-border business deployment, both to and from...

2017年3月11日University of Albertaフィードバック数:0ライフスタイル

Science proves it: people pee in the pool

... PermitWork PermitElectronic Travel Authorization (eTA)Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)Entering CanadaTuition Deposit and FeesCourse RegistrationBudgetingFind HousingWhat to BringBringing FamilyU of A Plus ProgramWelcome ServicesGetting to UAlbertaCampus Check...



Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Settle In 2014

..., people with temporary residency can’t avail the same benefits.When it comes to employment, it offers enormous scope with many open positions in energy sectors, in the communication industry, real estate and in financial services.Though Canada during...


不安定雇用と健康 ―『国民生活基礎調査』からの考察―

...でも関心を集める社会的な問題である(OECD, 2014)。2000 年以降、いわゆる「正社員」の雇用条件を維持したまま労働市場の流動化を図るため、臨時労働者(temporary worker)に関する規制緩和がヨーロッパをはじ め と す る 各 国 で 進 め ら れ て き た ( 例 え ば Gieseche & Gross,2004: Kahn, 2010:Aguirregabiria & Alonso-borrego, 2014 など)。日本でも、2008 年秋のリーマンショック以降の不況期においては、派遣社員の「雇止...

Foundation 500

.... Today she has turned that passion into a fast growing business, running a studio for temporary tattoos. After finishing a first round of investments, she has increased her number of employees with 500 percent to meet demand.Q: How has being a business...



アメリカの人材ビジネス 「07.人材ビジネス関連統計データ」

...前受金型職業紹介事業)やPEO、Statistics を通じて、毎月 12 日を含む 1 週間の非農業部アウトプレースメントといった、労働者派遣事業以外の人門雇用者数を業界別に集計し、翌月の第 1 金曜日に公表材ビジネスの統計データについても政府統計はなく、事業している。これには派遣労働者数も含まれている。業種分所団体や市場調査会社の調査や推計のみと、総じてデー類は北米産業分類システムにもとづき、派遣労働者数は「Temporary help services」に分類されている。タを収集するのは容易ではない。 図表 1...


...(Temporary Relief Measures), March 6, 2009(Temporary ReliefMeasures - Extension to September 30, 2009), September 11, 2009(End of Temporary Relief Measures Period), August 17, 2012(PrivatePlacements - Temporary Relief from Certain Pricing Requirements...


Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017

... distort arrival figures at important border crossings and cruise destinations, respectively. It also excludes those in paid employment abroad. Students that stay in a country for a period of more than 12 months are excluded and are considered as temporary...

2017年1月9日Avast Softwareフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Avast Android Performance & Trend Report(2016年7月~9月版)

... resources. Limit apps battery & performance drainReduce background features, refresh intervals, locationusage or in-app notifications. Free up spaceApps collect clutter over time. Use AVG Cleaner forAndroid, an Avast product, to get rid of temporary files...


... and recovery option for larger virtual machines, and reduces boot times. Barracuda Updates Backup Appliance LiveBoot SolutionThe new 2.0 release includes a simpler user interface, shorter boot times for temporary virtual servers, and the ability to launch VMs...



... in most low-income countries are96either in vulnerable self-employment or unpaid family labour. In the OECD, almost 40% ofyoung workers are in non-standard work, such as contract or temporary work, or involuntary97part-time employment.The decline...



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