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生活者の買物行動におけるスマートフォン利用実態 調査

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VIRTUAL & AUGMENTED REALITY: Are you sure it isn’t real?

..., identify future themes and trends, and help our clients profit in a fast-changing and interconnected world. Citi GPS accesses the best elements of our global conversation and harvests the thought leadership of our research analysts and a wide range...


2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

... trends in cybersecurity. Two distinct themes that have emerged in recent news headlines were constantly discussed at conference sessions this year:With the odds stacked so unfavorably against the good guys, our panel members agreed that how the industry...


Results of the Europeana User Survey 2014

... on the Europeana.eu website. Based on the results of the survey, the majority of users arrive on Europeana.eu with the aim of browsing within themes and topics rather than searching. For Europeana, this has reinforced the need for prominent and explicit thematic...

2015年2月27日マーサー ジャパンフィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル

Mercer’s 2015 Themes and Opportunities

...市場における収益機会が限られてくる中、機関投資家は投資機会を拡大する必要に迫られている | マーサージャパン本ウェブサイトではご利用者のユーザーエクスペリエンス向上のためにクッキーを使用しております。本ウェブサイトご利用によってクッキー使用の同意をいただいたものとみなします。詳細については「個人情報に関する公表事項について」をご参照下さい。 プレスルーム 市場における収益機会が限られてくる中、機関投資家は投資機会を拡大する必要に迫られている -Mercer’s 2015 Themes...


Young people fear internet of things will give away their secrets

... privacy.”Luke Mitchell, Head of Insights at Voxburner says, “The three biggest ways the Internet of Things can help young people are adamantly argued by our respondents: time-saving, added life value and money-saving. These are themes that resonate across...


Apple Design Awards 2015

... video game developer, Severed is a challenging touch and swipe-based adventure with deep, detailed, and psychedelic gameplay that masterfully melds macabre themes with vibrant color. Localized into 11 languages, including Simplified and Traditional...


Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report

... Breach Investigations Report.This year's report highlights repeating themes from prior year's findings and storylines that continue to play off of human nature, including:Eighty-nine (89) percent of all attacks involve financial or espionage motivations...

2014年4月10日Piper Jaffrayフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Taking Stock With Teens - Spring 2014

... around the core lifestyle aesthetic into areas of streetwear, urban and culturally inspired trends. Key Fashion Trends: Spirit of Choice – Action Sports, Fast Fashion, Refined Classics, Fashion AthleticSurvey results point to four distinct fashion themes...


E-commerce and Logistics Real Estate, July 2014

... than 10% today. We see several themes emerging that will shape e-commerce and logistics real estate for the foreseeable future.Organization. As aggregate e-commerce demand comprises the constituent e-commerce companies, considering decision-making...

2013年2月12日Pew Researchフィードバック数:684マーケティング海外

Coming and Going on Facebook

... also asked this group to tell us—in their own words—what made them stop using the site.Although the number of respondents who answered this question is too small to report detailed percentages, their answers covered many of the same themes of those who...


State of Software Monetization

... vendors to adapt their offerings to meet the changing needs of the market with several common themes that are transforming the business dynamic of the software industry: >> Anywhere, Anytime Access: end customers expect access to software applications from...


Fiscal 2010 Study on Clean Coal Technology Project Study Report

... of environmentally friendly Clean CoalTechnology (CCT) is one of our themes of having more coal utilized.Especially in the countries in East Asia, where a significant increase in the demand for coal isforecasted, the introduction of CCT would contribute a great deal...


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2013年5月27日Pew Researchフィードバック数:1459セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

... points, there are extensive excerpts boxed off as standalone text boxes that elaborate on a number of important themes that emerged from the in-person focus groups conducted by the Berkman Center.We use “social media site” as the umbrella term that refers...


...るホームレス緊急一時宿泊事業等に関する調査研究報告書 』 (平成 25 年度セーフ ティネット支援対策等事業費補助金社会福祉推進事業) ( http://www.mri-ra.co.jp/wp-content/themes/MRI/dl/h25_hl.pdf ) 42.2 一時生活支援事業の手引きの内容一時生活支援事業の手引きの目次は図表 3 のとおりであり、 手引きの各章の概要は、 図表 4 のとおりである。各業務のプロセスにおいて、現場の 行政職員と委託事業者が 拠り所とできるような内容にするため、検討委員会の議論や検証作業結果を踏まえて 作成...



研究開発の俯瞰報告書2015年 ライフサイエンス・臨床医学分野

... in Japan.Through the analysis of the big data obtained from real society (mass), the issuesto work on (themes) should be extracted.Life science researches correspondingthose issues should be encouraged, thus, structures and function of life itself (human...



...的には下記のようなケースである。①環境管理システム(EMS)の構築各社のグリーン調達基準によると、EMS の構築が明示的に盛り込まれている会社と盛り込まれていない会社が存在した。各社のグリーン調達基準にも記載されている通り、多くの企業が「製品含有化学物質管理ガイドライン第 3 版」(http://www.jamp-info.com/wordpress/wp-content/themes/jamp/kanri_information/tmp/JAMP-MG001-2013-1_130424_Management...



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