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At least 15% of home routers are unsecured

ESET has tested more than 12,000 home routers of users who agreed to share their data anonymously for statistical purposes.The results prove that 15% of the tested routers used weak passwords, with “admin” left as the username in most cases.During th


Online banking on-the-move? For most it’s a no-go

What environment do you consider the safest for online banking? Would you make your financial transactions solely in the safety of your own home, or would you be less concerned about security on-the-go or in the office?A series of ESET surveys focuse


Different nations’ online banking habits: better safe than sorry?

Would you bank online without the protection of security software? If your answer is no, then you are in agreement with more than 77% of British internet users who make sure they have a security solution in place when using online financial services.


インフォグラフィック - パスワードの代替案

The humble password has struggled in recent years, and is often seen as vulnerable to attackers. The interactive infographic below offers up some alternatives. Click on the tabs to read about the options. × https://www.welives



Weakest, common passwords of 2014 revealed

A study of more than 3.3 million passwords leaked in 2014 has been released, exposing the most overused, predictable passwords.SplashData released the annual top 25 most common passwords, which represent 2.2% of the 3.3 million leaked passwords studi


Young people fear internet of things will give away their secrets

Young people are seriously worried about the internet of things when it comes to privacy – concerned that ‘connected’ gadgets such as Smart TVs could give away more data than they are comfortable with. According to research published by youth marketi


With just days to go, just how many PCs are still running Windows XP?

Next Tuesday, April 8 2014, Microsoft will release the last ever security patches for Windows XP.Net Market Share keeps a tally on worldwide operating system and browser usage by measuing the hits on websites and – according to them – Windows XP is s


Operation Windigo - the vivisection of a large Linux server-side credential-stealing malware campaign

Today, we are publishing the results of significant amounts of research effort in a report titled “Operation Windigo – The vivisection of a large Linux server-side credential stealing malware campaign”. This report details our analysis of a set of ma




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