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State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access

State of Connectivity 2015: A Report on Global Internet Access, the second annual study by Facebook, takes a close look at the current state of global internet connectivity, how it has changed since 2014 and how we can use the data identified to gene


Open Data Across Canada - A Snapshot

“Open data is data that can be freely used, shared and built-on by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose.” – Open Knowledge FoundationThe governments of Alberta, British Columbia and Canada conducted a survey on open data of all Canadian provinces and te


デジタル・イネーブルメント(Digital Enablement)

By building more than 1,500 networks in 170 countries, Huawei has brought affordable Internet connections as well as smart phones and enterprise services to people across diverse economies, and helped provide more than a third of the world’s populati

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2015 World's Best Multinational Workplaces

Upcoming Award DeadlinesAll Great Place to Work®- Certified companies have the chance to earn a coveted spot on one of our 20+ Best Workplace Lists, produced annually with Fortune. Once you’re Certified, we’ll automatically consider you for all upcom



Universal Basic Skills

While access to schooling has expanded around the world, many countries have not realised the hoped-for improvements in economic and social well-being. Access to education by itself is an incomplete goal for development; many students leave the educa


ITU releases annual global ICT data & ICT Development Index country rankings

-->ITU releases annual global ICT dataand ICT Development Index country rankingsDenmark ranks in first place in global ICT Development Index (IDI)Geneva, 24 November 2014–Over three billion people arenow online and information and communication techn


World Energy Outlook 2014

Understanding the dynamic interplay of energy markets, technology and policy has never been more critical. The IEA flagship publication World Energy Outlook (WEO), widely regarded as the gold standard of energy analysis, provides strategic insight on


Global Survey Reveals Security Concerns Holding Back Data Center Consolidation and Cloud Migration

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新興市場上場企業【情報通信】業界 特許資産規模ランキング、トップ3はACCESS、ジャストシステム、駅探

新興市場上場企業【情報通信】業界 特許資産規模ランキング2013、トップ3はACCESS、ジャストシステム、駅探 弊社はこのほど、東証マザーズ、ジャスダックに上場する情報通信業界の企業を対象に、特許資産を質と量の両面から総合評価する「新興市場 特許資産規模ランキング2013【情報通信】」をまとめました。2013年3月末までに公開された日本の特許庁に登録されているすべての特許について、個別特許の注目度を得点化する「パテントスコア」を算出し、企業ごとに総合得点を集計しました。 その結果、1位 ACC


新興市場上場企業、【情報通信】業界の特許資産規模ランキング2012、1位はACCESS 弊社はこのほど、東証マザーズ、ジャスダックに上場する情報通信業界の企業を対象に、特許資産を質と量の両面から総合評価する「新興市場 特許資産規模ランキング2012【情報通信】」をまとめました。2012年3月末までに公開された日本の特許庁に登録されているすべての特許について、個別特許の注目度を得点化する「パテントスコア」を算出し、企業ごとに総合得点を集計しました。このランキングにより、件数比較では見られない、特許

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Global Mobile Media Revenues To Touch $150 Billion In 2012

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