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[] 【調査レポートのプレスリリースより】 2018年2月発行幅広い市場を対象としている調査会社マーケッツアンドマーケッツ(MarketsandMarkets)の調査レポート「ロボットソフトウェア市場:ソフトウェアタイプ毎(認識ソフトウェア、データ管理・分析ソフトウェア、通信管理ソフトウェア)、ロボットタイプ毎(工業・サービスロボット)、採用モデル毎、産業垂直市場毎、地域毎 - 2022年までの世界市場予測」は、ロボット用のソフトウェアの市場規模は2017年の11億4220万ドルから年平均成長率

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Integrating Security into the DNA of Your Software Lifecycle(ソフトウェア・ライフサイクルのDNAにセキュリティを統合する)(英語)

Learn best practices from the software security masters.The 24/7 digital economy and ever-increasing customer demands require many organizations to release apps and app updates on a near-continuous basis. When security is left to the end of the app d


2016 State of the Software Supply Chain Report

New research reveals massive increase in open source component use, persistent defect rates, and further embrace of supply chain principles to accelerate software quality and securityFulton, MD., the leader in software supply chain automation, today


State of Software Monetization

State of Software Monetization


By clicking here, you understand that we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. For more details, please see ourCookie Policy. Featured Video Meet Broadcom, a global infrastructure technology leader with deep roots tracing back to th

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Self-driving Cars an $87 Billion Opportunity in 2030, Though None Reach Full Autonomy

Self-driving Cars an $87 Billion Opportunity in 2030, Though None Reach Full Autonomy92% of autonomous vehicles will have only simple driver-assist features like adaptive cruise control; software developers will benefit most, Lux Research saysBOSTON,



Gartner Says Worldwide Software Market Grew 4.8 Percent in 2013

Gartner Says Worldwide Software Market Grew 4.8 Percent in 2013Microsoft Retains No. 1 Spot; Oracle Moves Into No. 2Salesforce Moves Into the Top 10 and Drives the Highest-Growth Rate of Top VendorsWorldwide software revenue totaled $407.3 billion in


25 Highest Paying Companies For Software Engineers (2013)

In Glassdoor’s latest report, we uncover the 25 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers (2013)¹, identifying employers offering the highest average annual base salary for software engineers over the past 12 months.Salaries by CompanyWhen comp


New cybersecurity report details risk of running unsupported software

New cybersecurity report details risk of running unsupported softwarePosted byOn Tuesday, Trustworthy Computing released volume 15 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, which provides threat intelligence and analysis of cyber threats in over


The Octoverse in 2012

The Octoverse in 2012 I am continually blown away by the staggering amount of work happening on GitHub. Every day, our users commit code, open and close issues, and make plans for their software to take over the world. We track all of this activity a

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Estimating the Total Development Cost of a Linux DistributionBy Amanda McPherson, Brian Proffitt, and Ron Hale-EvansOctober 2008The Linux operating system is the most successful open source project in history, but just how much is the software in a L




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