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February 2015 Web Server Survey

... address in Paris. The most visited .paris website is currently www.toureiffel.paris, which is where visitors will end up if they attempt to visit the Eiffel Tower's previous website at www.tour-eiffel.fr.In January, Google added support for the Google...

2016年9月5日IC Insightsフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

TowerJazz and SMIC’s Sales Forecast to Surge in 2016

... of the top-10 pure-play foundries listed in Figure 1 are based in the Asia-Pacific region. Israel-based TowerJazz, and U.S.-headquartered GlobalFoundries are the only non-Asia-Pacific companies in the top-10 group. While LFoundry is currently headquartered...


December 2015 Web Server Survey

..., but has recently been floating around in second place, currently 9.2 percentage points ahead of nginx, and 9.0 behind Apache. As well as gaining the largest number of sites this month, nginx also showed the largest growth in terms of web-facing computers...

2014年2月27日Marin Softwareフィードバック数:0マーケティング


... on Form 10-Q and current reports on Form 8-K that we may file from time to time.Marin Software assumes no obligation to, and does not currently intend to, update any such forward-looking statements after the date of this release. TwitterFacebookGoogle...


Happy new year? The world's getting slowly more cheerful

... no difference or preferred not to answer. It's a question that makes people hesitate. In most Muslim-majority countries, scepticism that women would do a better job is high.Thailand, which currently has a woman as prime minister, Japan and Kenya are also...


September 2014 Web Server Survey

... active sites in total.Microsoft, Apache, and nginxMicrosoft and Apache currently take the lion's share of the web server market (just over 71% combined), while Microsoft edged into the lead for the first time in July 2014. Nginx has been steadily gaining...

2017年1月11日Parks Associatesフィードバック数:0デジタル家電海外

Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends in 2017

... whitepaper today ahead of CES® 2017 that identifies the top 10 trends impacting the markets for consumer technology now and into 2017. Top 10 Consumer IoT Trends in 2017 notes U.S. broadband households currently own an average of more than eight connected...


Japan's 50 Richest

...% of Spring Nextel for $20.1 billion. The tie-up is currently being reviewed by U.S. regulators.Another big gainer: Chizuko Matsui and Michio Matsui ($1.4 billion) who are benefiting from increasing day trader interest; the stock of their securities firm is up...


Voters Skeptical That 2016 Candidates Would Make Good Presidents

... becoming president today than did so in December 2007, before the first caucuses and primaries of the 2008 campaign. Currently, 21% of Democrats say Clinton would make a great president; 34% expressed this view eight years ago. About the same share...

2015年1月13日Fairview Researchフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

IFI CLAIMS Announces 2014 Top U.S. Patent Recipients

...’s total global ranking with most patents currently held IBM leads again with most U.S. patents in calendar year NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 14, 2020 — IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, provider of a leading global patent data platform, today announced that U...

2016年1月18日Fairview Researchフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

IFI CLAIMS Announces 2015 U.S. Patent Rankings

....S. patent grants at all-time high Samsung tops IFI’s total global ranking with most patents currently held IBM leads again with most U.S. patents in calendar year NEW HAVEN, Conn., Jan. 14, 2020 — IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, provider of a leading global...

2011年5月10日Pew Research★フィードバック数:81マーケティング海外



... to the top 25 sites.Despite the rapid growth of eReader and tablet devices, most online news consumption still occurs on browser. Only between 7-10% of the population currently owns a tablet or e-reader. The study, which examined nine months of consumer data...

2010年12月28日Pew Researchフィードバック数:198マーケティング海外

Generations 2010-オンライン行動の世代間比較レポート

... adults (66%) currently have a broadband internet connection at home. This leaves 5% of adults who go online using a dial-up connection, 26% who do not go online from home and 3% who go online from home but are unsure what type of connection they have...


China, U.S. Offer Biggest Potential for Electric Vehicle Sales, but Wider Demand Predicted to Rise

..., the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden and the United Kingdom are all ranked as High Potentials for their high growth prospects between now and 2020, but a low EV market size currently. They are typified by government plans to invest significantly to make...

2015年4月27日J.D. Powerフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

Consumer Preference for Collision Protection Technologies Paves the Way for Autonomous Driving

... preferences for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are uniquely dependent on which smartphone they own. Those who currently own a smartphone that is compatible with one of these technologies would choose the technology compatible with their phone at only...


January 2015 Web Server Survey

... is a prime example of a domain that someone else got to first. This domain is currently offered for sale, highlighting the fact that it's not just ICANN and the registrars that stand to gain money from the influx of new TLDs. This website makes use...


油中脱水にて乾燥した褐炭の発電所炉前コストの分析 ―日本の発電事業における褐炭利用可能性の基礎検討―

...原単位は瀝青炭よりも5.5%〜10%増加することを明らかにした。Although lignite's prices are low in producer countries, the resource is currently for local uses since it has twofold obstacle for long distance transportation, i.e. high moisture contents and hypergolicity after dewaterization...



...ートメーターによる省エネの効果の不確実性の影響は大きく,前提条件のわずかな変化で大きく異なる可能性がある。同様のことは,わが国でも期待されているデマンドレスポンスの便益についても言える。The smart meter deployment in Japan is currently planned to be completed by mid-2020s. This report evaluates the results of the cost benefit analyses (CBA) of smart metering in European...


3Q17 DRAM Revenue Hit a New High With a 16.2% Sequential Increase; DRAM Prices to Rise by 10% on Average in 4Q17

... will roll out in small volumes at the end of this year. In terms of capacity planning, SK Hynix is currently building a second 12-inch wafer fab in Wuxi, China. The facility is expected to be in operation in 2019 at the earliest. As for Micron, its...



... interesting tricks.While currently there are two separate versions of URLZone in the wild, the Trojan is reported to have always been the property of a closed cybercrime group that uses it to defraud the customers of European banks, according to Threatpost...



Asia's 200 Best Under A Billion

... homes this year to further cement its leadership in the country’s brokerage industry, where it currently has a 30% market share. — Lan Anh Nguyen En-JapanThe country faces a rapidly aging and shrinking population, making it harder to fill jobs...

2009年7月27日Greentech Mediaフィードバック数:1製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

The Smart Grid in 2010: Market Segments, Applications and Industry Players

... currently planned in North America, providing information on the utilities and vendors involved in each of these utility-scale projects. The 15 projects alone represent roughly 41.1 million smart meters that are scheduled to be deployed by 2015.The Electric...


Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

... every update that was released for each device - be it a major OS upgrade or a minor support patch - as well as prices and release & discontinuation dates. I compared these dates & versions to the currently shipping version of Android at the time...


Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015~2020 White Paper

... licensing and spectrum management issues. Currently, there are various standards bodies, regulatory agencies, and industry consortiums focused on concerted efforts to resolve issues such as network standardization, spectrum availability and auctioning...

2016年4月25日MIT Admissionsフィードバック数:0ライフスタイル海外

An MIT Underwear Expos? (and Sorting Hat)

... that contained underwear colors, were only 907 KB. This was, by the way, a number of years ago. I’ve hit my 15 GB Gmail limit a few times since then (I’m currently back to 95%). Supplemental Table 1: The Proportion of Dorm-Living Undergraduates Living in Each...

2014年10月22日Pew Research★フィードバック数:0マーケティング海外


Political Polarization & Media Habits

... currently occupying more niche markets, such as Politico, the Economist or BuzzFeed, are known by only about a third of respondents. Thus, while they may elicit strong views in one direction, the share of respondents weighing in is relatively small.Social...



... CDM as planned in radio markets currently measured four times a year. In addition, iHeartMedia’s support boosts the momentum of Nielsen’s national cross-media planning tool, Nielsen Media Impact. These segments include brand preferences, retail...

2017年7月26日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Globally, More Name U.S. Than China as World’s Leading Economic Power

... and the U.S. share is that leaders of both countries are currently viewed negatively around much of the world. A median of 53% say they do not have confidence in Chinese President Xi Jinping to do the right thing in world affairs. Still, a much greater share...

2014年7月15日Institutional Investorフィードバック数:0ビジネス海外

Asia’s Top Corporate Executives Adapt Strategies to Sustain Growth

... of Lenovo’s revenue last year and tablets 3.1 percent — the latter a 313 percent increase over 2012. The company will ship 100 million mobile devices in 2014, Yang says. Lenovo is currently working to complete its $2.9 billion acquisition of Motorola...


Data Privacy Day survey reveals your fears online-日本人はオンラインショッピングのプライバシーに不安 - 日米露ユーザ調査

...’s CPU and memory usage to make their gaming and streaming smoother. It also features Twitch integration and numerous customization options. Los Angeles, California/ Oslo, Norway – There are currently more than 1.2 billion* PC gamers. Today, Opera unveils...

2017年3月25日MANGA TOKYOフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント


... to win Kimi no Na wa items and MANGA.TOKYO original anime goods from Winter Comiket 91! The deadline was Friday 31 March 2017 at 12 p.m. (JST). Please note that RESPONSES ARE NOW CLOSED. We are currently checking the answers and will start contacting...




... a phase of decommissioning in 2049, virtually eradicating operation of nuclear power plants in Japan (excluding the Higashidori, Oma, and Shimane Unit 3 plants that are currently under construction).The music created by Kensuke Ushio for the infrographic...


15m digital detoxers are ditching their device

... creepAs a result of the internet’s importance in many people’s daily lives, adult users in the UK currently spend an average of one day per week (25 hours) online; 42% say they go online or check apps more than 10 times a day, while around one in 10 (11...

2016年1月27日Times Higher Education★フィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル海外

The world’s best small universities 2016

..., and in the top 50 for both physical sciences and engineering.The university, located in Palaiseau just outside Paris, is well known as one of the most competitive universities in France. The 2,429 currently enrolled students are among the brightest young...


Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2010.2015

...), and 100 Mbps (39 percent by 2023) by region. Table 6.Broadband speed greater than 10 Mbps, 2018–2023Several countries also have users that currently experience greater than 125 Mbps, paving the path for the future demands of video. Video and other...

2016年3月30日Stack Exchangeフィードバック数:0企業情報システム海外

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

... it if it went extinct. Developers who don’t currently develop with Android, Node and Angular want to do so. Feedback counts include real votes plus vote attempts by anonymous users and users with low rep. Feedback counts for January 2016 shown above. 50,000...



Digital News Report 2013

....Of those who are not currently paying, more than one in ten (14% on average) said they were very likely or somewhat likely to pay for digital news in the future (‘for sources that you like’). In Brazil the figure was a striking 58%.Comment & analysis...



... information. The __cf_bm cookie is a cookie necessary to support Cloudflare Bot Management, currently in private beta. As part of our bot management service, this cookie helps manage incoming traffic that matches criteria associated with bots. We use...


デジタル・イネーブルメント(Digital Enablement)

... and the availability of superfast broadband to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Digital Divide Priorities:The UK is aiming for superfast fiber broadband for 90% of premises by 2020.The Digital Inclusion Charter aims to get those people currently offline...


Spam and phishing in 2016

... was triggered 239,979,660 times on the computers of Kaspersky Lab users, which is four times more than the previous year.Such extensive use of ransomware may be due to the availability of this sort of malware on the black market. Currently, cybercriminals can...


Cisco Visual Networking Index(VNI)Forecast and Methodology, 2008-2013 世界のIPトラフィック,ビデオ・コンテンツの普及で2013年には約5倍に

.... A few countries also have users that currently experience greater than 125 Mbps, paving the path for the future demands of video. Video continues to be of enormous demand in today’s home, but there will be significant bandwidth demands with the video...



Cisco VNI Service Adoption Forecast, 2013-2018

.... A few countries also have users that currently experience greater than 125 Mbps, paving the path for the future demands of video. Video continues to be of enormous demand in today’s home, but there will be significant bandwidth demands with the video...



... and academic researchers are currently looking for ways to analyze music databases and implement metadata in order to bring structure to these enormous archives. With the ever growing capacity of electronic music delivery (EMD) systems such as iTunes, Spotify...



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