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Sales Tech stack

...Marketing Tech has long been a hot spot for investment, generating billions and creating thousands of companies in the space. This has large in part been driven by a massive increase in information, data and content available to help buyers make...


2016 Airline Survey

... corporate use to merit inclusionin the survey improved their overall scores. More impressively, each oneimproved its score in all 10 categories with only one exception: UnitedAirlines dropped four-hundredths of a point on a five-point scale in buyers'rating...


Delta Flies Highest In BTN's 18th Annual Airline Survey

... efforts of late have emphasized its operational success, and buyers in BTN’s survey gave Delta’s quality of customer service, which includes operational performance, the highest score of any airline and any category. Last year, Delta registered 95 days...


RTB Ad Spend Continues Robust Growth

..., will grow far slower—at 18.1%—as penetration and use of RTB among media buyers and publishers increases.eMarketer bases its estimates of real-time bidding spending on the analysis of estimates from other research firms; survey results from brands, agencies...


Samsung and Apple Continued to Lead as Top Global Semiconductor Customers in 2016

...Samsung Electronics and Apple remained the top two semiconductor chip buyers in 2016, representing 18.2 percent of the total worldwide market, according to Gartner, Inc. (see Table 1). Samsung and Apple together consumed $61.7 billion...


Apple iOS leads US OS share for the first time since Q4 2012

... a long way to go. “As the opportunity to attract first-time smartphone buyers in developed economies diminishes, retaining loyal customers is becoming as important as winning them over from competing platforms,” Milanesi concluded. “Apple’s average...


China, U.S. Offer Biggest Potential for Electric Vehicle Sales, but Wider Demand Predicted to Rise

... country. Factors in their high ranking include the future volume of buyers who will be able to afford EVs and the development of an extensive charging infrastructure.All of the markets were analyzed for local factors including governmental regulations...


Apple Watch Satisfaction

... critical to understand is the profile of the people you are surveying. With the Wristly Apple Watch Owner Network, we have over a thousand people on our panel. The belief, by many, was this first wave of Apple Watch buyers would skew toward early adopters...

Android Share Growth is Highest in EU5 in Over Two Years

...% of overall smartphone sales in the region. Nearly 7% (6.6%) of new Android customers came from Windows, vs. just 3.3% from iOS. Among new iOS buyers, 2.6% migrated from Windows.“For those switching from Windows, Android has offered a better user experience...



... electronics retailer that lets buyers pay in monthly instalments, and India’s One97 Communications, a mobile internet company whose Paytm is its flagship brand.“The fintech trend in China continues to skew toward online payments and lending, including peer...

Solar Means Business 2013: Top U.S. Commercial Solar Users

...) from solar power generated off-site, this report does not consider such transactions due to limitations in data collection and verification. Likewise, SRECs produced by many on-site PV systems are sold to utilities or other buyers. While companies...

2014年4月10日Piper Jaffrayフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Taking Stock With Teens - Spring 2014

...; This Generation of Teens Are “Doers”Recognizing that few teens are the grocery buyers in their household, we see the food category representing restaurants and dining out. We also observed a modest increase in wallet share devoted to events (including concerts...


Generation Z to Switch the Majority of Purchases to Retailers That Provide the Newest Digital Tools and Channels

....They are impulsive buyers and willing to pay for speedy delivery. Gen Z shoppers are more likely than millennials to make a purchase because: they just wanted to buy something; they randomly saw something they liked; or it was recommended by a friend or family member...

2016年4月25日Businesss Insiderフィードバック数:0社会/政治海外

17 jobs to avoid if you hate confrontation

... materials, products, and services for a company, such as buyers and purchasing officers. Conflict resolution importance: 88Average annual salary: $110,210Loss-prevention managers plan and direct policies and procedures that prohibit the loss of assets...


The World's Top-Selling Ice Cream Brands

... Bunny, which is owned by Wells Enterprises, the largest privately held, family-owned ice cream manufacturer in the United States. Over the past year the brand has expanded into Canada, scaled down its carton size to appeal to impulse buyers, and updated...


Tablet Competition Heats Up: Kindle Fire Captures more than Half of Android Tablet Market

... adoption among buyers of tablets. Within the Android tablet market, Kindle Fire has almost doubled its share in the past two months from 29.4 percent share in December 2011 to 54.4 percent share in February 2012, already establishing itself as the leading...


Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

... researching the history of OS updates on Android phones and Nexus One users have fared much, much better than most Android buyers.I went back and found every Android phone shipped in the United States1 up through the middle of last year. I then tracked down...

2017年6月4日Boston Consulting Groupフィードバック数:0マーケティング

What China Reveals About the Future of Shopping

... with platforms that connect buyers and sellers. In this e-marketplace model, brands “own” their relationship with customers and create online experiences appropriate to their individual brands. Alibaba offers tools and services to help brands and small businesses...

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Big Money Poll: The Bull Will Be Right Back

.... “The froth just isn’t the same as at previous peaks,” Lemonides says. “I’m more inclined to be buying today than I was six months ago.”Chances are he won’t be alone. Eighty percent of Big Money respondents say they expect to be net buyers of stocks...



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