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... their desire to live in more socially conscious, creative environments. Austin, Texas has the highest concentration of this group—almost 1.2 times the national average—and fits the Millennial ideal, combining urban convenience with an exciting art and music...

2014年2月6日The Next Webフィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル海外

What salary does the founder of your favorite startup get? Probably not a very high one

... that having a product that people want to pay for is more important to success than the salary of top executives, being cost-conscious is certainly a sensible mindset for the responsible founder. It seems that the majority of startups align their own salaries...

2015年11月27日Hostelling Internationalフィードバック数:0大型消費/投資

HI5ive to the world’s best hostels, 2015

... not only offers the perfect blend of urban pulse and friendly attitude, but it allows you to enjoy it at peace with your inner responsible traveller. With a 97% green rating, these guys are conscious about their choices when it comes to looking after...


The World's Top-Selling Ice Cream Brands

... with the aim of competing directly with chocolate bars.In fourth place is Ben & Jerry’s. Since its acquisition by Unilever in 2000, the brand has managed to maintain its quirky and socially conscious edge while going on a growth binge. Its sales have roughly...

2017年8月27日AND COフィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル

The Slash Workers

... only freelancing until a full-time opportunity comes along.Going independent is a conscious choice for the lion's share (94%) the freelancers we interviewed, and 41% said they intend to freelance forever (foreva eva eva?).They’re optimistic, too: 45...

2014年3月24日Ethisphere Instituteフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス海外

2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies

... go beyond making statements about doing business ethically and translate those words into action. World’s Most Ethical Company honorees not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally, they embed the theory of “conscious...

2018年1月10日Dell Technologiesフィードバック数:0企業情報システム

Dell Technologies 2018 Predictions ? Entering the Next Era of Human Machine Partnerships

....In the short-term, we’ll see AI applied to hiring and promotion procedures to screen for conscious and unconscious bias. Meanwhile VR will increasingly be used as an interview tool to ensure opportunities are awarded on merit alone, e.g. by masking...

2017年6月4日Boston Consulting Groupフィードバック数:0マーケティング

What China Reveals About the Future of Shopping

... spend almost 30 minutes a day on Alibaba’s Taobao, the country’s leading e-commerce marketplace, nearly three times longer than an American consumer typically spends on Amazon. And they’re very brand conscious, if not particularly brand loyal...

2017年7月22日MIT Technology Reviewフィードバック数:0ビジネス

50 Smartest Companies 2017

... Engineering Lab of Deep Learning Technology and Application.1,300:number of employees dedicated to working on AICompany Details The mission of MIT Technology Review is to bring about better-informed and more conscious decisions about technology through...

2015年1月19日Evolution Finance★フィードバック数:0キャリアとスキル海外


2015′s Best and Worst Metro Areas for STEM Professionals

... of belonging and ability to succeed to men than women. Conscious efforts, such as debiasing interventions that alter unconscious biases like “women have lower abilities in math and science than men,” as well as changing the language used in society...



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