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Survey Says: “What Business Leaders Need to Know about Targeted Attacks”

... of the impact if attacked.In addition, according to the study, a third don’t know what type of data may be compromised in such an attack.The message is clear: unless senior execs better understand the nature of the problem, and where their organization...


Why I’d Rather Cuddle with a Shark than a Kissing Bug

... this graphic to find out why. NOTE: Total deaths are calculated from the animals displayed in the graphic only – does note feature deaths from any animal.SOURCES: IHME, WHO, CrocBITE, FAO, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, International Shark Attack File...


Cisco Connected World Report - 企業従業員の64%が「勤務時間中のソーシャル・メディア利用を許可すべき」

... the evolution of data center, virtualization and cloud computing technologies as businesses adapt to the changing nature of work.Part II of the study reveals a disconnect between IT policies and workers, especially as employees strive to work in a more mobile...


A Look At Repackaged Apps and its Effects in the Mobile Threat Landscape

... the sprawling nature of the technological and sociopolitical changes under consideration. Business Process Compromise Attackers are starting to invest in long-term operations that target specific processes enterprises rely on. They scout for vulnerable practices...


All About Japan Travel Award 2016

... Flower Spots in Hokkaido Hokkaido is a must-visit place for nature lovers. After its harsh and snowy winters, the land shows off tulips in spring, lavender fields in summer, cosmos in autumn, and many more colorful flowers throughout the year...


North American Underground: The Glass Tank

... that anybody who words their queries right can easily find pages abound with underground info and wares. The open nature of the North American underground allows sellers to gain more customers, ultimately resulting in it also makes them visible. Again, just...

2011年11月16日Pew Researchフィードバック数:697マーケティング海外

How Mainstream Media Outlets Use Twitter

... feed analyzed were information-gathering in nature-seeking views or first-hand accounts from readers. And only 1% of tweets studied were “retweets” that were reposted from a Twitter feed outside the organization.The news agenda these organizations...


Breaking Bin Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet

... and nature of his social graph did little to reflect his potential to generate thousands of people’s willingness to trust within a matter of minutes.While connections, authority, trust and persuasiveness play a key role in influencing others, they are only...

Which Tech Companies Help Protect You From Government Data Demands?

.... However, it's not all good news in this year's report. Photo-messaging application Snapchat received only one star – particularly troubling due to the sensitive nature of photos and the company's young user base. "Snapchat joins AT&T and Comcast in failing...


The Most Stressful Jobs of 2014

... in team environment. No one goes in by [himself or herself],” he says. “Go in as team, go out as a team.”Firefighters and soldiers also fill vital functions to society, as their work ensures the safety of entire communities. Though it differs in nature...


Twitter Forecast Up After Strong Mobile Showing

... that product into its December forecast for mobile ad revenues. Twitter also continues to benefit from what has been termed the “native” nature of its ad products, whose integration with the core user experience of the platform allows the company to deliver...

2013年2月27日Global Wind Energy Council★フィードバック数:54製造業/エレクトロニクス海外


Global Wind Energy: Solid Growth in 2012

.... The “13th hour” extension of the tax credit means that although the US market will slow substantially in 2013, it is unlikely to be as much of a slowdown as was expected, and the nature of the extension bodes well for the 2013 market. Canada had...


Global Internet Phenomena

... with one of my friends, I made reference to the toilet paper crisis of 2020, which for some is eclipsing the real crisis of 2020 – COVID-19. Traffic Management during COVID-19 TimesWith schools and offices closing, the nature of daytime internet usage...


The 30 Best-Looking Airlines Logos in The World

... to 1950s, when it introduced a bird logo: a triangle stylized eagle-like Garuda with red and white shield. In 2009, a new branding, developed by brand consultant Landor Associates, put a new spin of the idea called “nature’s wing”, with blue and aqua shades...


comScore Releases First Comparative Report on Mobile Usage in Japan, United States and Europe

... across markets, dramatic differences in mobile media consumption, brand adoption and user behavior become evident. These differences are even more pronounced than they are for PC-based Internet usage due to the complex nature of mobile – including various...

2008年10月27日Linux Foundationフィードバック数:9企業情報システム海外


... of the components within a given Linux distribution needed to be treated equally. Some projects, by their very nature and complexity, need different consideration under the COCOMO model.Nowhere was this more apparent than in Wheeler’s own follow-up to his 2002...

2015年1月28日Arbor Networksフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

... delivers visibility into one-third of all internet traffic. Key FindingsThere are new trends emerging that we expect will be with us for several to come. The reason is quite simple and comes down to something very basic: human nature. As we place growing...

Android Share Growth is Highest in EU5 in Over Two Years

... to“In EU5, share growth from the Samsung Galaxy S7 – expected to be one of the most popular phones of the year – has not yet occurred. As the impact of the S7 materializes, it may change the nature and path of the Android market,” Guenveur added.“Android...


JAL×オールアバウト 在留外国人が日本旅行に関する人気記事を決める「All About Japan Travel Award 2017」を発表 ~1位は” ブッダの丘 ? 日本建築の驚異”~

...てブランド化することを目指し、環境省が実施している「国立公園満喫プロジェクト」と連携した「Nature賞」のほか、星野リゾートが日本全国に展開する温泉旅館ブランドであり、地域の文化や季節ならではのおもてなしを体現し、現代の湯治文化を体験できる「界」とも連携し、「Experience賞」を新設。All About Japan編集部により、それぞれ3記事が選出されました。【Nature賞】 ※記事タイトルは和訳、カッコ内はエリア名【Experience賞】 ※記事タイトルは和訳、カッコ内はエリア名この結果に対して、「All...



...生命科学論文の画像改竄はたくさんあった学術論文誌「Science Postprint(SPP)」を運営するゼネラルヘルスケアは、学術論文の捏造の実態を調査し、結果をSPPに掲載した。調査の結果、Nature誌において過去に日本人が関与した電気泳動関連実験を含む論文に、6.6%の画像加工の痕跡を見出し、再調査が必要であることを示唆した。 【論文の画像加工調査】昨今、小保方氏のSTAP細胞の論文で市民においても論文の画像改竄問題が知られるようになりましたが、これは特殊な事例なのだろうか?学術...


Amazon Charts

... and violent secrets that nature keeps. Nine people gather at a remote health resort. Some are here to lose weight, some are here to get a reboot on life, some are here for reasons they cant even admit to themselves. Amidst all of the luxury and pampering...


International Study Finds Nearly 40 Percent of Enterprises Hit By Ransomware in the Last Year

... the current prevalence and ramifications of actual ransomware incidents in the enterprise.”Additional international findings include:Nature of attacks: 46 percent of all ransomware attacks originated from email.Cost of attacks: Nearly 60 percent of all...


Landmark Study on Impact of 5G Mobile Technology Released

... and technology leaders carried out by PSB. The combined findings of the study show how 5G will profoundly affect the global economy and that business decision makers in technology and other industries overwhelmingly believe in the transformational nature of 5G...


Ransomware Doubled in Second Half of 2016

.... Maya Horowitz, Threat Intelligence Group Manager at Check Point commented: “The report demonstrates the nature of today’s cyber environment, with ransomware attacks growing rapidly. This is simply because they work, and generate significant revenues...

2017年2月25日the harris pollフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

2017 Reputation Quotient Ratings

... for individual companies on the 100 Most Notable list were originally collected during the typical timeframe of January to February 2020, prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, due to the historic nature of the pandemic, The Harris Poll fielded ratings a second...


Extreme cyber-attack could cost as much as Superstorm Sandy

... to the changing and volatile nature of the risk. And unlike physical perils, Cyber has accumulation paths with increasing use of internet networks and technology.About Lloyd’sWith expertise earned over centuries, Lloyd’s is the foundation of the insurance industry...



... in the predictive nature of threat intelligence driven by advanced machine learning. When it comes to finding the richest and most highly differentiated source of input for cloud-based machine learning driven security, nothing beats real-world endpoint and web...

2015年6月14日Sporting Intelligenceフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント海外

Sommer pips Neuer and Buffon as best ‘Moneyball’ keeper as De Gea intrigue continues

..., the comparably fluid nature of football doesn’t easily lend itself to the objective analysis of individual players. Almost any action that a footballer performs during a game is hugely reliant on the player’s team-mates in order for it to be considered effective...

Best Airports of 2013

...-hours. See also Best Airports in Asia.3. AmsterdamThere’s a place on the upper level between Departures 3 and 4 that is supposed to look like a forest. Apart from the nature sounds that go until about midnight, there are a lot of reclined chairs as well...

2017年10月23日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0企業情報システム

Automation in Everyday Life

... expect a number of professions to be dominated by machines within their lifetimes – but relatively few expect their own jobs or professions to be impactedBeyond the examples noted above, Americans anticipate significant changes to the nature of jobs...

2014年12月21日Pew Researchフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

The Future of Privacy

... undergirding many of the answers. For instance, many of those answering “yes” or “no” shared the opinion that online life is, by nature, quite public. An anonymous respondent even went so far to say, “Privacy will be the new taboo and will not be appreciated...

2017年10月27日The Economistフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Safe Cities Index 2017

.... This prospect is something city officials now need to plan against.Cities are also defined by the complex, interlinked nature of their systems and infrastructure. This complexity has a bearing on safety. For example, experts are uncovering links between...



第185回 お子さまの好きな果物は? 2004.09.16~2004.09.22

...『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に選定されました! 2019/12/17『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に新たに認定宿が追加されました!「GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO」が『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に選定されました! 2019/12/04「鈴鹿サーキットホテル」が第四期の認定期間に入りました! 2019/11/28「第12回ペアレンティングアワード」授賞式が行われました!授賞式の様子はこちら。『Happy-Note For マタニティ』がペアレンティングアワード参加媒体となっています。2019...



Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Settle In 2014

... is “The country with the most transparent political status“.New Zealanders lead a very satisfied life with their calm and easy going nature. Generally these people prefer keeping themselves free from community strife and personal violence. Its strict laws...



...人:sakko*さん(お取り寄せレビューブロガー)地域:神奈川県 ジャンル:クッキー3位 Sweets & Books キノシタ/レーズンバターサンド 5個入り達人:甲斐みのりさん(文筆家)地域:兵庫県 ジャンル:焼き菓子4位 shodai bio nature/ミルティペタル達人:平岩理緒さん(スイーツジャーナリスト)地域:福岡県 ジャンル:チョコレート5位 ロールケーキの花月堂/フリュイヌーボー達人:スイーツなかのさん(スイーツ芸人)地域:岩手県 ジャンル:ロールケーキ6位 ミラノドルチェ・トレ・スパ...


Trust in cloud technology and business performance

... to Kilowatts project illustrates the global nature of modern innovation, facilitated by the free movement of both ideas and people. Thanks to the internet, people in one part of the world can easily make contact with people trying to solve similar problems...


地球温暖化の停滞現象(ハイエイタス)の要因究明 ~2000年代の気温変化の3割は自然の変動~

...起源の温暖化が顕著になるにつれて気候内部変動の寄与が相対的に小さくなっていることを意味しており、今後温暖化が進めばこの割合はさらに小さくなると示唆されます。 上記の結果は、人為起源の気候変化にともなう将来の地表気温上昇の推定をより確かなものにする上で、また、今後の気候変化予測やそれを反映する政策決定などにおいて、非常に重要な示唆を与えるものです。 これらの成果は、9月1日付でNature 姉妹紙のNature Climate Change(ネイチャー・クライメット・チェンジ)誌に掲載されます。 発表内容:[背景]20世紀後半以降、全球平均地表気温は上昇の傾向を示しており、2001年以降の10...


朝よりも夕・夜のストレスが体内時計を狂わせる 個体レベルで体内時計への影響を発見

..., Hiroaki Motohashi, Tomoko Sakai, and Shigenobu Shibataなお、今回の研究成果は、英国Nature Publishing Groupのオンライン科学雑誌『Scientific Reports』に、6月15日午前10時(現地時間)に掲載されました。朝よりも夕・夜のストレスが体内時計を狂わせる個体レベルで体内時計への影響を発見(1)これまでの研究で分かっていたこと私たちの体のほとんどの細胞には体内時計(約24時間周期の概日時計)が存在し、それ...


...時におけるペットの救護対策ガイドライン」とは 環境省が、東日本大震災等の経験を踏まえて、各自治体が災害に対するペットの救護対策を検討する際の参考にするために作成したガイドライン。 https://www.env.go.jp/nature/dobutsu/aigo/2_data/pamph/h2506/ippan.pdfペットのための防災対策、「している」飼い主は56.9%回答者の半数以上にあたる56.9%の方が「している」と回答しました。ペットのための防災対策として犬飼育者は「基本的なしつけができている」が第1位犬...


...秋保温泉 蘭亭」が『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に選定されました! 2019/12/17『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に新たに認定宿が追加されました!「GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO」が『ウェルカムベビーのお宿』に選定されました! 2019/12/04「鈴鹿サーキットホテル」が第四期の認定期間に入りました! 2019/11/28「第12回ペアレンティングアワード」授賞式が行われました!授賞式の様子はこちら。『Happy-Note For マタニティ』がペ...



...プリンガー・ネイチャーよりノーベル賞受賞者へのお祝いのメッセージ2020年10月13日2020年のノーベル賞受賞者の出版物は、専用の特設サイトからアクセスできます。 [プレスリリース] シュプリンガー・ネイチャー、イーブックの新たな購入オプションで電子書籍の柔軟性を拡張2020年10月6日電子書籍コンテンツにおいて、より多くの選択肢と柔軟性が提供されることによって、図書館や研究機関は、それぞれ に適した方法でアクセスできるようになります。 [お知らせ] Springer Nature Video 期間...




...プリンガー・ネイチャーとドイツMPDLが、Nature を対象に含む転換契約に初めて合意2020年10月20日 シュプリンガー・ネイチャーとドイツのマックス・プランクデジタルライブラリーが画期的な契約に合意し、これによってネイチャー・リサーチのジャーナルにおけるオープンアクセスへの道が開かれることになります。 [プレスリリース] シュプリンガー・ネイチャーよりノーベル賞受賞者へのお祝いのメッセージ2020年10月13日2020年のノーベル賞受賞者の出版物は、専用の特設サイトからアクセスできます。 [プレ...


100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for 2017

...100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for 2017As Voted by OpenTable DinersTake in the best views while you travel this summer. Our 100 Most Scenic Restaurants list for 2017 highlights restaurants that offer breath-taking views of nature, cityscapes...


Cisco Visual Networking Index(VNI)Forecast and Methodology, 2008-2013 世界のIPトラフィック,ビデオ・コンテンツの普及で2013年には約5倍に

... of Internet video traffic and will grow 15-fold to reach 17 percent by 2022. Also, of note is the growth of video surveillance traffic (dropcams). This traffic is of a very different nature than live or on-demand streaming and represents a steady stream...



Cisco VNI Service Adoption Forecast, 2013-2018

... of Internet video traffic and will grow 15-fold to reach 17 percent by 2022. Also, of note is the growth of video surveillance traffic (dropcams). This traffic is of a very different nature than live or on-demand streaming and represents a steady stream...



... way to interpret the term, is music which finds the most appeal of all large music groups, due to its commercial nature. Indeed, there is in fact quite a large gap in record sales, concerts, downloads, and popularity in general between the group...



...ものカートなどの遊具が充実しており、広いスペースで体を動かして遊べる。 2016年10月にオープンしたチームラボの最新デジタルアートを楽しめる屋内遊園地。常設施設では日本でここでしか体験できない新作「Graffiti Nature」など9作品を展示している。 セガとBBC Earthが共同で手掛けた自然を体感できるエンタメミュージアム。日本最大級のスクリーンで大自然映像を楽しめる「シアター23.4」など、臨場感あふれる映像が魅力。 「レゴ」をテーマにした屋内テーマパーク。さまざまカラクリをくぐりぬけ最強の“忍者”を目...



.../nature/onsen/data/index.html*2 出典:「平成28年 第65回 日本統計年鑑」都道府県, 用途別保有自動車数(総務省) https://www.stat.go.jp/data/nenkan/65nenkan/13.html・Appendixその他、都道府県ごとに集計したところ、以下のようなトピックも見られました。 Q.決済手段を選ぶうえで重要だと思うこと神奈川県民の60.0%が「支払いがスムーズなこと」と回答(全国平均:51.3%)長崎県民の33.0%が「持ち...



...(2019)、 "Multinational Life Satisfaction, Perceived Inequality and Energy Affordability", Nature Sustainability誌(2019)等にてこれまで出版しています。*3)損失額は以下の式で疑似的に試算しています。例:Aさんの年間経済損失額=(ストレス状況が最も良い人々の平均年収)-(Aさんと同じストレス状況の人の平均年収)また、*2の調査では、個人の精神的健康を測定するテストであるGHQ-12(精神...



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