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Tweets about #Sochi2014

.... Including you.Copy your data from the web, Excel or Google Sheets. You can also upload CSV/XLS files or link to an URL or Google Sheet for live-updating charts. Choose from many chart and map types with one click. Then customize and annotate your chart...


Fast Food Menu of Calories

... of moving probably don’t help either. In any case, I have to pay attention to the calories.I was curious: How does the distribution of calories vary by fast food restaurant?Here’s a chart that shows all the menu items for ten of the biggest national fast...

2016年4月26日The Los Angeles Timesフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took. All 30,699 of them

... data and are not displayed here. This chart does not include free throws....


What the World Eats

...The chart represents the caloric breakdown of the average person’s daily consumption. Swipe through the timeline to see how the source and distribution of calories has changed over the last fifty years. Global meat intake per person has nearly...


One Billion Drive Hours and Counting: Q1 2016 Hard Drive Stats

... failure rates for Q1 2016. These are just for Q1 and are not cumulative, that chart is later.Some observations on the chart:The list totals 61,523 hard drives, not 61,590 noted above. We don’t list drive models in this chart of which we have less than 45...


ドメイン名業界概要報告(Domain Name Industry Brief)

... 2021The top 10 ngTLDs represented 51.9% of all ngTLD domain name registrations. The following chart shows ngTLD domain name registrations as a percentage of overall TLD domain name registrations, of which they represent 6.2%. In addition, the chart...


Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support

.... The resulting picture isn’t pretty - well, not for Android users:Other than the original G1 and MyTouch, virtually all of the millions of phones represented by this chart are still under contract today. If you thought that entitled you to some support, think...


..., surveyed between September and December 2016.How to use this toolStep 1: Select a theme and then a survey question to view responses in the chart shown.Step 2: Select up to three filters - geographies (regions and countries) and/or industries - to customise...


Media alert: Nearly one-third of smart phones shipped in Q2 in China were from Xiaomi and Huawei

... level of customer service.To view the chart(s) from this media alert, and others from Canalys, download the new Insight @Canalys app today from the Apple App Store, the Google Play store or as an HTML 5 web app.Receiving updatesTo receive media alerts...


Most popular global mobile messenger apps as of January 2016, based on number of monthly active users (in millions)

... Are Social, und Hootsuite, und DataReportal. "Most popular global mobile messenger apps as of October 2021, based on number of monthly active users (in millions)." Chart. October 21, 2021. Statista. Accessed December 16, 2021. https://www.statista.com...

2013年12月13日Third Door Mediaフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Brand Bias: 70% Of Consumers Look For Known Retailers When Doing Product Searches

...?The top two replies were the only ones chosen by more than 50 percent of the 400+ consumers that took the survey. Rounding out the top five are “Image and price is shown” and “Review stars.”Here’s the full chart showing each response:Where Consumers Search...


OECDによるGovernment at a Glanceです。

Governments can do more to regain trust, says OECD report

...," he added. "Building back trust is crucial to implement the necessary structural and fiscal reforms that are key to restoring growth and promoting well-being. Government at a Glance is a unique international comparator that can help policy-makers chart...



Domain Name Industry Brief 2014

....5 million domain name registrations, or 29.3%, year over year. The top 10 ngTLDs represented 51.9% of all ngTLD domain name registrations. The following chart shows ngTLD domain name registrations as a percentage of overall TLD domain name...


These Are the Top ARKit Apps and Games (So Far)

... technology, but there is a second class of ARKit apps that offer varying degrees of added AR functionality via the framework. The chart below breaks down the first, ARKit-only group across currently available categories.Games are—unsurprisingly—the single...


Why I’d Rather Cuddle with a Shark than a Kissing Bug

... territorial, are more dangerous, claiming about 500 lives. Crocodiles are even more deadly, killing 1,000 people. But take a look at this interactive chart and you might be surprised to learn that the heavyweights of the animal kingdom do the least damage...



...者離れが顕著。ユーザーの年齢層・価値観・用途によってSNSの棲み分けが出来つつある。 1. LINE、Twitter、Instagramは伸長。Facebookは失速。15-64歳の日本人男女個人(N=4,395)を対象にしたこの調査データを使って、主要SNSのアクティブユーザー(「日常的に活用している」人)の分析を行いました。CHART 1は、主要SNSのアクティブユーザー率(全体に対するアクティブユーザーの割合)の推移を示したチャートです。日本人の5割以上をアクティブユーザーとして獲得したLINEをは...


Apple iOS leads US OS share for the first time since Q4 2012

..., the iPhone 6 was the best-selling smartphone in the US and was also the most popular smartphone to give as a gift. Samsung retained its number two spot in the vendor chart with the Galaxy S5 which was the second best-selling smartphone.Across Europe, Android...


100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America for 2017

.... A $30 corkage fee will be charged for bottles up to 750ml. An additional $30 will be charged per additional 750ml.More Located in the Golden Nugget Casino, Chart House overlooks picturesque Senator Frank S. Farley Marina. Combine the extraordinary...


...レポート検索詳しく検索するときはこちらAND・OR検索や執筆者、期間指定で検索することができます。 分野別のレポート一覧年次データ年次データ年別の農林漁業金融統計データを掲載しています。 2019年農林漁業金融統計 掲載日:2020年01月28日 更新日:2020年01月29日 グラフ・図(Chart)でみた主要統計データ数値でみた主要統計データデータ利用上の注意この統計は原則として平成31年3月末または平成30年度を基準とし,過去5~7年分の数値を掲載,必要...

The world cities with the most powerful brands - get the data

...) and media mentions. Assets and buzz were each graded out of 10; the numbers were added to produce a total score. (Scroll down for an interactive bar chart of the final ranking.)Although the research was not limited to English language results, the use...


...ライブラリ2018年12月11日環境エネルギー政策研究所(ISEP)は、REN21(21世紀のための自然エネルギー政策ネットワーク)が2018年6月に発行した「自然エネルギー世界白書2018:Renewables 2018 Global Status Report, GSR2018」のハ…2018年12月5日当研究所は、電力・エネルギー需給の状況の見える化Webサイト「ISEP Energy Chart」の英語版を公開しました。このWebサイトを通じて、海外の研究者、メディア、大学生・大学...



... guide. Prima Games - Pokémon type battle chart We’re past the basics, It is time to be the VERY best. Learn how to up your XP and catch stronger pokemon. Want to get as much XP as fast as possible? Be smart with your candies!You get 500XP points...



... because it usually attacks in one or two countries at a time.The chart below shows the top offenders on the financial malware roster from January 2015 to January 2016.Detecting and Fighting URLZone AttacksIBM Security X-Force has worked with customers...


Xiaomi becomes China’s top smart phone vendor

... customer-driven analysis and consulting services empower businesses to make informed decisions and generate sales. We stake our reputation on the quality of our data, our innovative use of technology and our high level of customer service.To view the chart...


Ransomware Doubled in Second Half of 2016

..., stands out as its Top Malware Families chart includes 5 families which do not appear in the other regional charts.”The statistics in this report are based on data drawn from the ThreatCloud World Cyber Threat Map. Check Point’s ThreatCloud is the largest...


...でインフォグラフィックスを作ったことがある人は20人(29.0%)、作ったことはない人は49人(71.0%)だった。さらに、自分で作ったことがない人でも、「作ってみたいと強く思う」「作ってみてもいいと思う」と考える人が合わせて40人(81.6%)と、自作にも高い関心があることがわかった。一方、全体1,078人のうち、インフォグラフィックスを作るためのツールやサービスをまったく知らない人が1,033人にのぼった。また、ツールやサービスを知っている45人が実際に利用したことのあるツールでは、Piktochart と Google Chart...


ITU releases annual global ICT data & ICT Development Index country rankings

... rankingsDenmark ranked Number One in ITU’s ICT Development Index (IDI)*, acomposite measurement that ranks 166 countries according to their level ofICT access, use and skills (Chart 1). It is followed by the Republic ofKorea.The IDI top 30-ranking include...


ステイホームの影響か?LINE、YouTube、Twitter、Instagramが大幅伸張/ SNSユーザーの動向と価値観。

...クティブユーザーが大きく伸張。「ステイホーム」を合言葉にした新しい生活様式が後押しか?MINDVOICE®調査で継続的に測定しているSNSアクティブユーザーの動向を見てみました。アクティブユーザーとは「日常的に活用している」人をさし、「IDを持っているがあまり利用していない」「IDはもっていないが時々覗いている」「近い将来IDを取得して利用してみたい」という人は除きます。CHART 1 は、それぞれのSNSのアクティブユーザーの、日本人全体(15-64歳男女)での割合を時系列(注1)で示したものです。このデータをみると、LINE...


Top 100 City Destinations Ranking 2017

... we use cookies. Or learn more about our privacy policy and how we use and store your data. Our expert insights on travel and tourism showcase innovations in digitalisation, sustainability, experiences and new business models to chart a path...



..., with a different style for primary links (parent genres), secondary links (other influences) and anti-links (backlashes) to make the chart more accurate. Horizontal timelines provide clear information about which year each genre emerged, although for most genres...


E-commerce and Logistics Real Estate, July 2014

... 3-4% per year.1 And while the Global Retail Sales chart illustrates the global trend, this also holds true in the U.S. and Europe.The utilization of e-commerce space is contributing to outsized growth for logistics real estate. While e-commerce...



... in attacks by the type of application attacked, Q2 2016The chart shows that despite the exit of the market leaders the breakdown of exploits was almost unchanged from the previous quarter: the proportion of exploits for Microsoft Office (14%) and Java (7...

2016年3月30日Stack Exchangeフィードバック数:0企業情報システム海外

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016

... alone).Women on TeamsWe asked respondents for the size of their team and how many women are on their team. The above chart shows responses from men. Analysts and Data scientists are most likely to work with a high percentage of women on their team...



Negative Views of Russia on the Rise: Global Survey

...%) and China (59%).1All quoted tracking averages exclude the views of the nation being rated by itself, where applicable. They reflect the averages shown on the global tracking chart on page 4 and are therefore different than the 2014 global averages shown...



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