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Growth of Semiconductor Market for Major Home Appliances to Nearly Double in 2013

...) and insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) discretes will be in high demand, due to the increasing use of inverter-based variable-speed motor control technology. The inverter-based technology increases energy efficiency by controlling the speed of the motor...


Number of the Week: 91% of companies have experienced at least one IT security event from an external source in the last 12 months

... is implemented in PowerShell, Windows executables, and Android apps. It is capable of controlling and exfiltrating sensitive information from its targets. Furthermore, the attackers attempted to gather information and attack victims' connections using the victim...

2016年9月5日IC Insightsフィードバック数:0製造業/エレクトロニクス

TowerJazz and SMIC’s Sales Forecast to Surge in 2016

... in Avezzano, Italy, China-based SMIC agreed in 2Q16 to purchase 70% of the company for approximately $55 million. Since LFoundry has an installed capacity of 40K 200mm wafers/month, the acquisition of a controlling interest in the company essentially serves...



... in winter. We installed a HP and an oil heater in the identical greenhouses, while controlling the air condition to be the same room temperature. Tomatoes were cultivated with the low-stage dense planting cultivation system in both greenhouses in winter...

2014年7月15日Institutional Investorフィードバック数:0ビジネス海外

Asia’s Top Corporate Executives Adapt Strategies to Sustain Growth

.... (The Government of Singapore Investment Corp. bought Prologis’s Asian operations in 2008 to create GLP; it remains the company’s controlling shareholder.) “Understanding the business and culture and people is the most critical kind of thing in any business,” says...



Digital News Report 2013

... other online news users. Even after controlling for the following variables: interest in news, age, gender, education and income, they are on average almost twice as likely to pay as those who don’t use these devices. We do not see the same device impact...


デジタル・イネーブルメント(Digital Enablement)

... monitoring and controlling physical things electronically leads to more efficient use of resource and transportation; improved prevention, detection and treatment of health; and smarter operations of cities, workplaces, homes amongst others. Example: Use...



What makes for a stable marriage?

... ask what you mean by multivariate model? Is this factor analysis? SEM? It’s not clear to me if you fed all the variables in and it said these were the most important factors when controlling for all other things, or if these just had the strongest...



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