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2016年9月8日Syracuse Universityフィードバック数:0デジタル家電

The Evolution of Virtual Reality [Infographic]

... School of Public Communications {"admissionsEmail": "admissions@communications.syr.edu", "degreeOffering": "syr-mac", "fields": [{"helpText": "", "hidden": false, "label": "Which master\u0027s program most interests you?", "mountPoint": 1...

2017年11月8日Riverbed Technologyフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク

Riverbed Future of Networking Global Survey 2017

...): if (window.addEventListener) { window.addEventListener('scroll', scroller, false); window.addEventListener('resize', resizer, false); } else if (window.attachEvent) { window.attachEvent('onscroll', scroller); window.attachEvent('onresize', resizer); } $.fn...



... that are theoretically close to the real numbers. We are proud of our capability of analyzing data persistently and quantitatively.Unlike questionnaires, you can't get results that are false or untrue from actual mobile app usage data. Our data are actual usage data...



New Research: Some Tough Questions for ‘Security Questions’

... had identical answers to secret questions that we’d normally expect to be highly secure, such as "What’s your phone number?" or "What’s your frequent flyer number?". We dug into this further and found that 37% of people intentionally provide false...



... or malware, it presents a full case of evidence, prioritized by risk. This eliminates false positives, leaving only serious alerts that aren’t buried amongst thousands of benign notifications. Both Core Labs and Network Insight sensors gather valuable...


OlympicDestroyer is here to trick the industry

... time researching it calmly and methodologically, while we continued to discover more and more false flags and controversies in the malware.The main malware module is a network worm that consists of multiple components, including a legitimate PsExec tool...


2017年 年間ライブ観客動員ランキング!

...(this).attr('href')).show(); return false; }); jQuery(document).on('click','dt a.btnCncl',function(){ jQuery('form'+jQuery(this).attr('href')).hide(); jQuery('form'+jQuery(this).attr('href')).siblings('dl').show(); return false; });...


2017年 上半期 推定観客動員ランキング

...').attr('class')).val(''); }); jQuery(document).on('click','.memoBox > dl dt a.btnMemo',function(){ jQuery(this).parents('dl').hide(); jQuery('form'+jQuery(this).attr('href')).show(); return false; }); jQuery(document).on('click','dt a.btnCncl',function...



...® and more. Customize definitions of application states and how SLAs are calculated to eliminate false SLA failures. Configuration ManagementWhatsUp Gold’s Network Configuration Management module automates the configuration and change management for routers...


Intel Survey Finds 'Digital Over-Sharing' is Leading Mobile Etiquette Faux Pas

... online than in person.One in five U.S. adults admits to sharing false information online.SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 9, 2012 – According to a recent survey sponsored by Intel Corporation and conducted by Ipsos Observer* on “Mobile Etiquette” and “Digital...


2016年 上半期観客動員ランキング

...').attr('class')).val(''); }); jQuery(document).on('click','.memoBox > dl dt a.btnMemo',function(){ jQuery(this).parents('dl').hide(); jQuery('form'+jQuery(this).attr('href')).show(); return false; }); jQuery(document).on('click','dt a.btnCncl',function...

2017年12月25日Freedom Houseフィードバック数:0マーケティング海外

Freedom on the Net 2017: Manipulating Social Media to Undermine Democracy

..., bots, false news sites, and propaganda outlets were among the techniques used by leaders to inflate their popular support and essentially endorse themselves.In the Philippines, members of a “keyboard army” are tasked with amplifying the impression...



Gemalto Releases Findings of 2014 Breach Level Index

... fraudulent credit accounts, creating false identities for criminal enterprises, or a host of other serious crimes. As data breaches become more personal, we're starting to see that the universe of risk exposure for the average person is expanding."In addition...

Q4 2016 Cybercrime Report

... with reduce false positives, while maintaining the lowest possible fraud levels.Privacy by Design: We uniquely solve the challenge of providing dynamic risk assessment of identities while maintaining data privacy through the use of tokenization.Rapid...



Top 10 Safest Countries In The World To Settle In 2014

..., however this is false when referring to British Columbia and most other provinces. Contrary to stereotypes, Canada doesn’t get that cold in the winter.Agreed.. I live in Michigan, and I guarantee parts of Canada near Michigan have almost identical weather...

2016年3月9日MobileIron Inc.フィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク


... to make itharder to identify compromised devices. MISL has found variants of jailbreakingtools as well as anti-detection tools that hide the fact that a device isjailbroken and thus create a false sense of security if undetected.Other research highlights...

2015年6月14日Sporting Intelligenceフィードバック数:0エンタテインメント海外

Sommer pips Neuer and Buffon as best ‘Moneyball’ keeper as De Gea intrigue continues

.... With two of Europe’s top five aged 37 it seems that, as far as goalkeepers are concerned, a false premium may be being applied to young talent. most highly valued goalkeepers within the top 20. With Buffon, Bizzarri and De Sanctis all having apparently had...

2013年5月27日Pew Researchフィードバック数:1459セキュリティ/ネットワーク海外

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy

... of their friends understand (62% vs. 46%). 26% say that they post false information like a fake name, age, or location to help protect their privacy.One in four (26%) teen social media users say that they post fake information like a fake name, age or location...


プレイステーション VRに関するアンケート調査

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2017年4月6日BREACH LEVEL INDEXフィードバック数:0セキュリティ/ネットワーク

2016年Breach Level Index

... employees.Learn More Software MonetizationAs your company shifts to a software-based business, you can rely on Thales to help you generate new revenue streams and gain more valuable insights from your software.Learn More European organisations have false...



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What makes for a stable marriage?

... to the churchgoers; who tend to suffer through abuse or infidelity for the sake of saving face and being a “Good Christian”.”Got any numbers to back up this assertion Roxanne? It may well be true, but it might also be false, and without numbers it comes across...



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