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LinkedIn's 2017 State of Salary Report (U.S.)

The job market in the United States is tightening, and that’s a good thing for professionals. The unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 2001, and the percentage of prime working age adults who are employed is the highest it’s been since 200


How the average working adult spends days

There were some graphics going around that showed the total amount of time spent during an average person’s lifetime doing things. The numbers were pretty rough though.For example, to calculate the number of days spent sleeping during a lifetime, it


Unruly Launches Manifesto To Help Japanese Brands Beat The Ad Blockers

Video ad tech company advises advertisers on how to deal with the rise in ad blockers ahead of Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo; Survey finds 94% of Japanese consumers would consider using ad blocking software.TOKYO – May 26, 2016 –Unruly today unveils

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Go Behind-The-Scenes of the ‘Out There’ Infographic

'THE LYRICS: 1956 TO THE PRESENT' out Now In this extraordinary book, with unparalleled candour, Paul recounts his life and art through the prism of 154 songs from all stages of his career. Edited and Introduced by Paul Muldoon Go Behind-The-Sc

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15 Countries with Highest Average IQ In the World

Find out which nations are the brainiest of all with our list of the countries with highest average IQ! A country’s workforce is one of its biggest assets, and intelligent citizens can be a boon to its development. Intelligence Quotient is the score



高齢化と世帯人員の変化が電灯需要に及ぼす影響ー地域別 ・世帯形態別・住宅の建て方別世帯数の予測ー

報告書「電力中央研究所報告」は当研究所の研究成果を取りまとめた刊行物として、昭和28年より発行されております。 一部の報告書はPDF形式で全文をダウンロードすることができます。※ PDFのファイルサイズが大きい場合には、ダウンロードに時間がかかる場合がございます。 ダウンロードは1回のクリックで開始しますので、ダウンロードが完了するまで、複数回のクリックはなさらないようご注意願います。 電力中央研究所 報告書(電力中央研究所報告)報告書データベース 詳細情報タイトル(和文)高齢化と世帯人員の変

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Adobe Reports New Online Sales Records for Thanksgiving, Black Friday; $1.33 Billion and $2.4 Billion Respectively

SAN JOSE, Calif.--()--Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today released its 2014 Digital Index Online Shopping data for the holiday season. Between November 1 and November 28, $32 billion have been spent online, 14 percent more than in 2013. Thanksgiving Day and Bl


25 Highest Paying Companies For Software Engineers (2013)

In Glassdoor’s latest report, we uncover the 25 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers (2013)¹, identifying employers offering the highest average annual base salary for software engineers over the past 12 months. Salaries by Company When co

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Online Video Ad Views Reach New Heights, as Per-Viewer Frequency Jumps

Online video ad views have been increasing rapidly this year, reaching a new high of 22.8 billion in August after a slight dip in July, according to the latest data from comScore. Last year, video ad views totaled 9.5 billion in August, when comScore




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