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What China Reveals About the Future of Shopping

Imagine being in the middle of Times Square, surrounded by flashing lights, fast-talking vendors, street performers, live music, noisy traffic jams, and endless other distractions. Now imagine you’re online and surrounded by the same energetic chaos

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Voice Assistant Anyone? Yes please, but not in public!

Navigation Voice Assistant Anyone? Yes please, but not in public!June 3rd, 2016Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and OK Google are all hot names in tech right now. Digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence are the next big thing for Amazon, Apple, Mi


Unruly Launches Manifesto To Help Japanese Brands Beat The Ad Blockers

Unruly Launches Manifesto To Help Japanese Brands Beat The Ad BlockersVideo ad tech company advises advertisers on how to deal with the rise in ad blockers ahead of Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo; Survey finds 94% of Japanese consumers would consider


Ericsson's 10 hot consumer trends for 2016: Early adopters less important

{ Markettagged:True , MatchedLanguageCode:True }Consumers expect artificial intelligence (AI) interfaces to start taking over from smartphone screens Faster than ever take-up of networked technologies makes early adopters less important Eight out of

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Brand Bias: 70% Of Consumers Look For Known Retailers When Doing Product Searches

Brand Bias: 70% Of Consumers Look For Known Retailers When Doing Product SearchesNew research from Search Engine Land and SurveyMonkey shows that consumers have a definite brand bias when it comes to searching for products online.According to data fr


84 Percent of Global Respondents More Likely to Visit Retailers that Offer a Loyalty Program

Global Loyalty Levels Highest for Mobile Phone Brands/Service Providers and Financial Institutions; Lowest for Food and Beverage Categories, Online RetailersNew York – Nov. 12, 2013 – Nearly 60 percent of global respondents said that loyalty programs


How Are Retailers Using Mobile in the Changing Path to Purchase?

Digital has complicated the path to purchase. The orderly progression from discovery to consideration to purchase to loyalty is now more of a tangle of paths, with multiple channels available for consumers to follow. However, the broad model of the s

77% of Display Ads are Never Seen: Sticky

77% of Display Ads are Never Seen: Sticky New research from Sticky finds that 77 percent of viewable ads are never seen. CategoriesSeventy-seven percent of Display ads are never seen, even those that are considered “viewable” (defined as fifty perce




Whether it’s advertising via old standbys like TV, newspapers and radio or newer media like mobile and online, earning consumer trust is the holy grail of a successful campaign, according to Nielsen’s latest Trust In Advertising report. The good news



Consumers Desire More Automated Automobiles, According to Cisco Study

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SOCIAL PLATFORMS GWI.8 UPDATE: Decline of Local Social Media Platforms

Share thisSocial media has revolutionized the way we interact with brands. With its ever-expanding importance in the lives of consumers, its prominence is increasing across every stage of the Our latest wave of research uncovers some surprising truth


Smartphone user study shows mobile movement under way

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | 10:00 AM 71% of smartphone users search because of an ad they’ve seen either online or offline; 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads, 74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to

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"There is so much surface news, advertising - it doesn’t get to what people really think." - @johngerzema #CannesLions #StagwellatCannes "The power of the digital ecosystem is it can appeal to so many people – and can tell so many stories to specific




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