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This Map Shows How the Apple-FBI Fight Was About Much More Than One Phone

Update: 4/1/2016:The ACLU of Massachusetts has filed a motion seeking to unseal the docket for the suspected All Writs Act case in that state, arguing that the public should have access to case information to inform the debate on whether law enforcem

Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2015

ContentsDownload ReportExecutive SummaryWe live digital lives—from the videos shared on social networks, to location-aware apps on mobile phones, to log-in data for connecting to our email, to our stored documents, to our search history. The personal

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The Global Open Data Index

Tracking the state of open government data The Global Open Data Index provides the most comprehensive snapshot available of the state of open government data publication

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Global Opinions of U.S. Surveillance

Is American monitoring of Suspected Terrorists acceptable or unacceptable?Question wording: According to news reports, the American government has been monitoring communications, such as emails and phone calls, in the U.S. and many other countries. I

Which Tech Companies Help Protect You From Government Data Demands?

San Francisco - Technology companies are privy to our most sensitive information: our conversations, photos, location data, and more. But which companies fight the hardest to protect your privacy from government data requests? Today, the Electronic F




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