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ゲームアプリマーケティングの調査レポート 2019年版

The State of Gaming App Marketing: 2020 Insights [Data Study]Gaming has always been the driving force of the app marketing economy, and in 2020, especially in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this is more true than ever. These days, when many parts

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Intel Continues to Drive Semiconductor Industry R&D Spending

Intel Continues to Drive Semiconductor Industry R&D SpendingIntel continued to top all other chip companies in R&D expenditures in 2016 with spending that reached $12.7 billion and represented 22.4% of its semiconductor sales last year. Intel account

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2015 Algae Industry Survey: Full Speed Ahead

« All Blog Posts2015 Algae Industry Survey: Full Speed Ahead March 11, 2015 ABO’s 2015 survey of the algae industry shows high expectations for continued growth in the sector as well as increased production of a wide range of algae-derived products.


第一回 今年の英単語 2014

ランキングタイトル ウェブリオ株式会社は、その年の世相を表す漢字一文字を12月12日の漢字の日に発表する「今年の漢字」に合わせ、英語関連事業を展開するウェブリオならではの調査を実施、“第一回今年の英単語 2014”として今年の世相を表す英単語を発表いたします。※調査対象:全国のウェブリオの会員(有効回答数894名) 1位andemic 2014年、西アフリカで感染が広がった“エボラ出血熱”。“エボラ出血熱”の被害に関するニュースが相次いだ事もあり、今回の調査では「全国(世界)的流行病」の意味を成

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The Rise of Product Listing Ads: 2012 & Beyond

In October of 2012, Google successfully transitioned Google Product Search in the US to a commercial model built on Product Listing Ads (PLA). Though this enhanced shopping experience was faced with both criticism and praise when it was announced in


July 2009 Web Server Survey

Fair Use: Please note that use of the Netcraft site is subject to our Fair Use and Copyright policies. For more information, please visit , or email info@netcraft.com. July 2009 Web Server SurveyIn the July 2009 survey we received responses from 239,




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