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Q3 2016 Business Smartphone Shipments Continue to be Strong, But Tablet Sales Suffer Again

Q3 2016 Business Smartphone Shipments Continue to be Strong, But Tablet Sales Suffer Again Worldwide Business Smartphone Shipments Hit 112.2M Units, while the Business Tablet Market Dropped to 16.8M Units, in Q3 2016 Boston, MA - December 20, 2016 -

2016年5月12日J.D. Powerフィードバック数:0社会/政治

Hybrid Tablets Meet Rising Demand for a Single Device While Boosting Satisfaction, Says J. D. Power Tablet Study

NEW YORK: 5 May 2016 — Rising demand for a new breed of hybrid tablets―2 in 1 devices that function as either a laptop or a tablet―is shaking up the tablet market and contributing to a shift in the way owners are interacting with these devices, posit


Majority of US Internet Users Will Redeem Digital Coupons in 2013

Many US consumers adopted a frugal mindset during the recession, stretching their dollars with coupons found online as well as in newspapers and magazines. Print coupons still dominate, but digital coupons have quickly gained mainstream acceptance. T

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Tablet and E-reader Ownership Update

Tablet and E-reader Ownership UpdateThe number of Americans ages 16 and older who own tablet computers has grown to 35%, and the share who have e-reading devices like Kindles and Nooks has grown to 24%. Overall, the number of people who have a tablet

2013年6月11日Pew Researchフィードバック数:432デジタル家電海外

Tablet Ownership 2013

Tablet Ownership 2013For the first time, a third of American adults own tablet computersA third (34%) of American adults ages 18 and older own a tablet computer like an iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google Nexus, or Kindle Fire—almost twice as many as th



Why Buy a Tablet? Selection of Apps, Price and Device Brand Most Important Factors in Purchase Decision

Tablets are drastically altering the digital landscape, influencing a vast array of consumer activities from shopping, to watching TV, consuming news and more. The rise of the tablet consumer has left almost no industry untouched. The launch of Comsc




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