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Consumers are open to AI. But companies must heed data protection and privacy fearsYou may not yet travel in a self-driving car, but artificial intelligence is already part of people’s lives. And businesses need to pay attention to how their customer



160万ユーザー突破! 1周年を迎えたWantedly Peopleが厳選した「名刺トリビア」をインフォグラフィックで発表します。 新規事業推進室 マネージャー, リードエンジニア Rimo合同会社 / 代表社員・ソフトウェアエンジニア こんにちは。Wantedly Peopleチーム 事業開発の逆瀬川です!おかげさまで、Wantedly Peopleはサービス提供を開始してから、丸1年を迎えることができました。この1周年を記念して、Wantedly Peopleの160万人を超え


Why I’d Rather Cuddle with a Shark than a Kissing Bug

“I think you’ll discover that some of the most amazing innovations are hidden in plain sight.” In 2015, more than 1.5 million people were killed by animals. That’s a startling figure. To put it in perspective, that’s about the same number of peop

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How People Approach Facts and Information

How People Approach Facts and InformationPeople deal in varying ways with tensions about what information to trust and how much they want to learn. Some are interested and engaged with information; others are wary and stressed(Hero Images/Getty Image

Social media and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

#StatusofMindIn May 2017, RSPH and the Young Health Movement published a report examining the positive and negative effects of social media on young people’s healthThe report includes a league table of social media platforms according to their impact



We guide business people to insights that change the worldWe provide a foundation of intelligence that supports the needs of business and business people. We analyze, organize, and create global information so you can make the right decisions at the


World Health Statistics: Monitoring Health for the SDGs

Dramatic gains in life expectancy have been made globally since 2000, but major inequalities persist within and among countries, according to this year’s “World Health Statistics: Monitoring Health for the SDGs”.Life expectancy increased by 5 years b


Celebrating half a billion users

With 500 million signups under our belt, it’s exciting to see Dropbox connecting people around the world with everything that’s important to them. But this milestone hints at something much bigger—how much our users are working together.Since we star


SplashData’s fifth annual “Worst Passwords List” shows people continue putting themselves at risk

Skip to navigationSkip to content While longer passwords debut on this year’s list of most commonly used passwords, they are not necessarily more secure We have seen an effort by many people to be more secure by adding characters to passwords, but i


The World's Most Powerful People 2015

Forbes AfricaForbes AfriqueForbes ArgentinaForbes AustriaForbes BrazilForbes BulgariaForbes ChinaForbes CzechForbes FranceForbes GeorgiaForbes GreeceForbes HungaryForbes IndiaForbes IndonesiaForbes IsraelForbes ItalyForbes JapanForbes KazakhstanForbe


Back to the future? British people would rather go back to the past

About YouGov At the heart of our company is a global online community, where millions of people and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organizations engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviours and brands. CompanyG



Cost Obsessions Around the World

Cost Obsessions Around the World Google’s autocomplete function provides suggestions derived from common Google searches by other users. Comparing autocomplete results for searches on different countries reveals how certain places are perceived by pe

Peaceful and normal actions forbidden under the junta regime after 6 months

[Update] Peaceful and normal actions forbidden under the junta regime after 6 monthsHalf a year after the coup d’état in May, martial law is still in place and all kinds of political expression against the junta, no matter how peaceful, are still not


Nearly 3 in 10 Worldwide See Their Areas as Good for Gays

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Nearly three in 10 adults (28%) across 123 countries in 2013 say their city or area is a "good place" for gay or lesbian people to live, but hospitable attitudes range widely from as high as 83% in the Netherlands to as low as 1%



What makes for a stable marriage?

What makes for a stable marriage?About a decade ago, the gossip on everyone’s lips was that “1/2 of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce.” That factoid was later disproven, but it left a lasting impression on the eligible bachelors and bacheloret

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Emerging and Developing Economies Much More Optimistic than Rich Countries about the Future

Emerging and Developing Economies Much More Optimistic than Rich Countries about the FutureEducation, Hard Work Considered Keys to Success, but Inequality Still a ChallengeOverall, optimism is linked with recent national economic performance. Countri


Young people fear internet of things will give away their secrets

Young people fear internet of things will give away their secretsYoung people are seriously worrried about connected gadgets when it comes to privacy - worrying that 'connected' gadgets such as Smart TVs could give away more data than they are comfor



Study: Twitter’s influence on holiday shopping

Throughout the year, and especially during the holidays, Twitter brings people closer to a particular passion: shopping. According to Crimson Hexagon, holiday shopping conversations increased in 2012 by 30% over the previous year. Buzz on Twitter pea


Forbes 400: The Richest People In America

Forbes 400: The Richest People In America

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SumTotal is No. 1 in Learning

Building the teams that companies need Unlock the potential of your greatest asset – your people. 70% of the Fortune 1000 trust us to train their people to overcome critical skill gaps and drive demonstrable change. In fact, we train more people than


The Forbes 400 - The Richest People in America List

The Forbes 400 - The Richest People in America List




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